Cat's Hostel in Madrid, sleeping in Plaza Mayor low cost

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Un trip to Madrid it is made of tapas, sangria and flamenco, everything that can be considered a Spanish banality in Madrid has a completely different flavor.

To have a great holiday you need to choose a good one hotel in Madrid that fully meets our needs. In my personal experience I have found beautiful hotel in the city of Barcelona, but few hostels and hotels in Madrid, that's why I think this post is useful and necessary.

For those who want to spend little and experience the city in every way, the best method remains to stay in a hostel. The Cat's Hostel it has a beautiful interior reminiscent of the cities of Andalusia and Morocco. Inside, a large courtyard with colored coverings and a beautiful fountain in the center. All in Islamic style with a large balcony surrounding it on all four sides, this courtyard is perfect for relaxing with other guests on summer evenings.

More curiosity they are flamenco evenings and a bar in the basement where you can surf for free. The rooms are spacious and the bathrooms clean, the cost ranges from 16 to 22 euros per night per person. The hostel is located at the Anton Martin stop.

If you are looking for something more structured and you want a hotel, the advice is the Petit Palace Posada del Pine which differs from the slightly sumptuous name, offers very advantageous prices and a very convenient location. The hotel is located on Calle de Postas 17 at the Sol stop and is just 50 meters from the Plaza Mayor. The location and its structure, an elegant historic building, make this hotel one of the most beautiful in the Spanish capital. Double rooms range from € 100 to € 120 per night, but you can find good deals on the hotel website.

More hotels in central Madrid here.

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