Mercado San Anton, eat in Madrid

I have an unbridled passion for i food markets. I like to find them, especially in big cities, and spend hours and hours wandering among colorful fruit stands, seasonal vegetables and typical cheeses. TO Madrid I found bread for my teeth.

Mine guide Elena, Madrid who speaks perfect Italian, partly knowing my tastes, partly to shelter us from the cold, took me to eat in the very cute Mercado San Anton, in the barrio Chueca.

Un covered market on three floors, less known than Mercado San Miguel and much cheaper. While on the ground floor you can devote yourself to a nice shopping, buying typical Spanish products, it is on the second floor that the beauty comes. food stands that will serve you excellent tapas of all kinds: Galician empanada, jamon serrano, tortilla, shrimp salad, sushi, quiches and fabulous desserts.

Il third floor it is occupied by the restaurant La Cocina de San Anton: a terrace offering an enchanting view on the city. The prices are a bit steep, especially if you focus on traditional Spanish dishes, but if you are satisfied with a great burger with fries and cheese, the cuenta will be reasonable.

A nice site to tapear and drink in joy, a advice: try to arrive as soon as possible (19.30-20.30) especially on weekends if you want to find a seat in peace.

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