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    Cuenca, the hanging houses in Spain

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    About 170km from Madrid and Valencia is Cuenca, the city declared a Unesco World Heritage Site for its beautiful houses hanging over the Huecar River.

    Today I'll tell you about my car trip around the Spain 20 days that I did a couple of years ago and I haven't told you anything yet. There is always a lot to do and sometimes I forget how many beautiful places I have seen around the world, one of them is undoubtedly Cuenca.

    The historic center of Cuenca has been declared World Heritage Site by Unesco and once you arrive at your destination it will not be difficult to understand why. If you arrive by car, as I did, you can leave your car at the foot of the town, there are several parking lots, unfortunately almost all payment, where to stop the car and start your climb on foot.

    It reminded me a lot of Perugia, the houses are reminiscent of those of an old Italian town, they are all leaning against each other, many of which are very colorful.

    Cuenca is located approx 170km from Madrid, you will not be able to get there and come back during the day, but spending a night here could be the ideal solution to see the city even at night. Once you leave the car, walking through the narrow streets of Cuenca you will come to Cathedral, whose facade is the only one in the country in Anglo-Norman style.

    The square where the cathedral is located is Plaza Mayor and from here many narrow streets branch off, many of them uphill, but also stairways and underground passages.

    If you have at least one day available, I recommend you follow as many itineraries as possible, you will surely find balconies overlooking incredible landscapes, precipices, valleys and mountains.

    From Cuenca you have wonderful views and the only way to find them is to try all the roads, or go and inquire at the tourist offices, unless you go on weekends when these are closed.

    One of the beauties of this city, which you must not miss for anything in the world, are the hanging houses. Also calls casas colgadas, the hanging houses are the most popular attraction of this Spanish town.

    The history and origin of the suspended houses is still not clear today. Centuries ago, as some writings testify, in Cuenca there were several suspended houses, but today only three remain standing, clinging to a rock just above the gorge of the Huecar River. Some believe they are of Muslim origin, others say they are medieval houses. These three buildings are known by all as the House of the Mermaid and the two Houses of the Kings.

    The houses host the Museum of Abstract Arts and a restaurant, but I was not lucky enough to enter it unfortunately due to the closing times of the houses. What I recommend you do is instead of go down to the bridge under the hanging houses and to immortalize the structures there, it will be a beautiful experience and you will take home a unique photo.

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