Barcelona, ​​getting around by scooter useful addresses

    Traveling by scooter in Barcelona is highly discouraged. But if you can't do without it, or want to try it, here are some low cost and useful addresses for your trip to Spain.

    I appeal to you Italian drivers visiting the Catalan capital.
    Don't think about it. Come on vacation and I'm sure you want to relax, drink, visit the monuments.
    Don't think for a minute that by renting a scooter you would have the city at your feet.
    You couldn't make a bigger mistake

    Barcelona, ​​getting around by scooter useful addresses

    Because, despite everything, the greatest Barcelona problem is the traffic.
    But not in the sense you think.
    Here the problem is there slowness of traffic. The traffic lights. And the fact that the idea of ​​driving is really different from the one they instilled in Italy.
    So, if you are a nervous Italian driver (easy accelerator, little patience for the newly licensed, hurry always and in any case), don't do it, listen to me!

    There are too many traffic lights. And the green wave only comes true at a few hours and on some roads. Generally you will have to stop every 200 meters.

    Barcelona, ​​getting around by scooter useful addresses

    despite the roads are very wide (for the series those could be considered are motorways, in Barcelona they are any roads), they are all piled up on only two lanes. One wonders for a long time if maybe there is an accident or a problem in the left lanes. But no, they just don't want to occupy them.

    They are slow, very slow. A breakthrough is not a breakthrough. It is a business. A sharp bend is a thing of the other world.

    Barcelona, ​​getting around by scooter useful addresses

    There are so many drunk British tourists who decide to cross at the last minute, when you are so close to feel the breath of scandalous sangria.

    I taxi drivers are generally crazy with yellow and black cars. Don't risk colliding with them. You will be losers.

    If there is a giallo traffic light, they pretend to want to pass (and you will go after them) and halfway stop suddenly, generally causing rear-end collisions.

    Barcelona, ​​getting around by scooter useful addresses

    If there is a traffic light in yellow, all the cars in the queue decide to pass, although there is already a considerable queue blocking the passage. Result? Half the time the machines stay in between to the road, blocking the passage to other cars that would like to enter the same intersection. A chain megablock is then created.

    Obviously there is a hint of exaggeration in the words due to the stress of driving the streets of Barcelona every day. For me it is necessary (for work I have to move quickly from one place to another) but you travelers, spare it. But if you really can't do without it, here are the names of the moped rentals (Vesping apart, which offers a more complete service) and if I have intrigued you, all that remains is to book a low cost flight to Barcelona.

    Barcelona, ​​getting around by scooter useful addresses



    Barcelona Moto Rent:

    Generally the sccoter they rent are gods Sym Symphony with the high wheel and with a comfortable seat for two people.

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