5 good reasons to love Florence in winter

Florence in winter, here are 5 good reasons to visit it according to our Florentine author.

This is a public confession: I love Florence in winter. Actually I always love it, because I was born there and I live there, but in winter I appreciate its most authentic side, when the visitor's "grip" finally loosens: the tourist season in this city now lasts ten months a year.

The period in which I particularly love my city is from November (now) to February, excluding Christmas holidays.

I'll explain why, so maybe you want to seize the opportunity and take a vacation.

5 good reasons to love Florence in winter

1. The light

Florence is a city where winters are cold but not freezing, with many rainy days, zero snow (except in exceptional cases, but then all hell happens, we are not equipped, especially mentally) and many windy days.

And these are the real key to the winter light because the north wind that sweeps the streets and whips your legs while you cross for example Piazza del Duomo, paints the sky an intense blue, draws the outlines of buildings and bell towers, eliminates mist and mist. The winter light is beautiful and makes the city stand out at its best.

2. The space

In winter you become masters of the space in the historic center again, walking in the streets without elbowing. If we are early risers and walk the wide cobbled streets, for example via Calzaioli, our steps echo in the street: a beautiful effect!

You listen to the powerful tolling of the bells, you can linger and look at the shop windows, you visit shops talking with the shop assistants, and… by the way…. from 10 January to the end of February there are sales!

5 good reasons to love Florence in winter

3. The museums

In my life I have already visited them all, the museums of Florence, but if I want to go and see again Botticelli's Venus or Leonardo da Vinci's Annunciation, when can I do it? Now. I go to Piazzale degli Uffizi 6 and enter immediately.

This is not possible neither for me nor for the others in all the remaining months of the year, because you know, here there is always a good queue. The last time I went to the Uffizi it was January last year, a fantastic experience: deserted corridors and empty halls, silence, the opportunity to admire and linger.

4. The surroundings

Florence is surrounded by hills, everyone knows it, which means that not far from the historic center there is already the countryside and what a countryside! In the immediate surroundings of the city there are splendid walks to do on foot, to enjoy a beautiful landscape with a view, asleep from the winter but with warm colors illuminated by the light, as per point 1.

I recommend taking via Suor Maria Celeste, behind the Arcetri Observatory, or the viale dei Colli, or, moving towards Careggi, via Bolognese or via Incontri. They are walks close to the city but worth trying!

5 good reasons to love Florence in winter

5. Tourist services

I say this as a person who works in the sector, tourist services are at their top! Less tourism means, on the part of professionals, more care, less stress. From the information offices of the city, which are open and not crowded, to the hotels that apply in the low season rates discounted, to restaurants where it is easier to find a place. The city doesn't close for low season, it's just a lot more relaxed!

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