Vilnius, discovering the old town

    By choosing the Vilnius city, it is possible to discover centenary traditions and customs of one of the three Baltic capitals in a few days. Reachable through low-cost airline flights Ryanair and Wizzair, the center is not far from the airport. Certainly the winter period and theChristmas atmosphere makes this city full of colored lights, while with more pleasant temperatures it is possible to discover it in every corner with the numerous paintings of the aggregates of the historic center.

    Equipped with maps and brochures, Vilnius is easy to visit without the use of means of transport such as taxi or bus (it does not have the subway), precisely because it has a very simple road structure, consisting of numerous main courses, via Gedemino and via Didzioji, also called the shopping street.

    From November to January the Odmini Square it is furnished with many small Christmas markets where you discover artisans intent on working iron, and itinerant kitchens intent on letting you taste local products. The splendid panorama of the city is visible from the hill called "Gedeminas", which can be reached through a nature trail inside a large green park, or quickly with a funicolare with a paltry price of 2 litas. With a clear sky and a critical eye you can appreciate the perfect distinction between old and new city as well as one beautiful sunset.

    Il nighttime fun is very active, as well as by tourists also thanks to the presence of a good university that welcomes hundreds of students from all over Lithuania ready to crowd the two most famous discos such as the Salento and  Buddha Disco. Three days are enough to take with you an indelible memory of a new reality.

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