Curonian Spit, Baltic paradise

Nature to immerse yourself in: forests, woods, beaches and dunes. Visit to one of the most beautiful places in the Baltic.

Neringa, no it's not the name of some strange medicine but of ahalf Russian and half Lithuanian island: could be defined as the Elbe island of the Baltic.

Curonian Spit, Baltic paradise

I have been to this island on the occasion of a trip to the Baltic countries.

Between Lithuania and Russia

The Curonian Spit, Curonian Spit, Curonian Spit, whatever you want to call it, is there Lithuania's most famous seaside resort, but it is also seaside resort of Russia.

The peculiarity of the island lies precisely in the fact that the 100 km of the sandy peninsula are divided into two parts: on the one hand we are in Lithuania, on the other in Russia.

A legend

Legend has it that the lagoon and the peninsula were created by Nida, the daughter of a fisherman who, collecting the sand in her apron, had built this barrier to allow fishermen, and therefore also their father, to carry out their business in peace. without suffering the waves of the open sea.

How to reach us

The peninsula can be reached from the Lithuanian side: from Klaipeda. The feeling you get when crossing this area is of total relaxation.
What strikes you about this strip of sand is certainly the natural environment: sea, lagoon, forests, woods, beaches, dunes. From a naturalistic point of view it is one of the most beautiful places in the Baltic. And it is also UNESCO heritage since 2000.

We took a walk along the lagoon and then went into the hill of witches: a wood, a beautiful forest on the hill characterized by the presence of witches, wooden sculptures with grotesque shapes that represent the characters that populate Lithuanian fables and legends.

The country is very characteristic with a large and crowded well-stocked supermarket where you can go shopping.
The houses are all wooden, colored, and look like those of Pippi Longstocking with painted planks, with small wooden gates, hedges and beautiful gardens for barbecues.

Curonian Spit, Baltic paradise

What to do on the Curonian Spit

Then there is an immense beach: that of Nida overlooking the Baltic Sea. You get to the beach through the forest where there are walkways and even toilets. The beach has nudist areas, which are quietly mixed with those for non-nudists.

A very important attraction for the island is the Dune of Parnidis that lives and moves, every day is shaped by atmospheric agents, every day, it advances and changes.

Curonian Spit, Baltic paradise

The top of the Duna can be reached by car, where there is a small parking lot, or there are shuttles.

On foot it is no more than 1000 meters to reach the top of the 52 meters high. From here you can admire the panorama on the city of Nida, due to its position is the place where you can see the sun rise and set in the Baltic.

Sleeping and eating in Neringa

Well but have we forgotten something very important, where to sleep and eat on the island of Curonian Spit?
For accommodation you can rely on airbnb or at the main campsite in the town of Nida, for food instead we recommend you go and try the delicious smoked fish at Tik Pas Jona.

Enjoy the trip and above all immerse yourself in the nature of this Peninsula.

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