Rimini station, the low cost you don't expect

La Rimini station it is very popular in the summer, when tourists and young people come on holiday to the Riviera. In winter I have to tell the truth a little less, but definitely also during the fairs there are many people who pass by this station.

Apparently there seems to be nothing special: a bar, a newsstand on the first platform but quite "far" from the main entrance. Another bar inside the station and a new tigelleria that honestly does not make me crazy for the management. Where do you go for breakfast, to get a sandwich to buy something to eat for the trip?

In front of the station, you can't go wrong because it's big and has acid green writing, it's there Eight and a half, a bar that with its name recalls one of Fellini's most famous films. Once you leave the station, in Rimini, it will seem logical to stop there. Don't, just listen to me. The bar has a rude owner, yesterday's pastries and coffee will cost you dearly, dearly, almost € 2,50 for a cappuccino served at the table that will not even satisfy you, listen to me.

How then? In few know because it is a bit hidden, but at the Rimini station, from the entrance if you turn right and continue walking you will find a small Coop shop. Miracle. This little shop is very practical for those who have to travel because has it all for travelers. From the sandwich already prepared but not yet wrapped, from the charcuterie that will prepare for you anything you ask, from bulk drinks, as well as water to any other food.

Also, before going out through the door that opens directly onto the first track, there are 2, 3 tables where you can stop eating and a big screen with train timetables. Very comfortable and allows you to eat calmly without the fear of missing the train. The small Coop shop can also be reached from the first track on the right side (Riccione side), the only flaw, in the morning opens around 8.

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