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Tallinn useful information

Tallinn is the capital ofEstonia, one of the three Baltic republics offormer Soviet Union.

It is not a very big city, you need to visit it well 2 days at most.

Strolling around, it is clear that the city is certainly on the right track to recover economically, thanks also to the large foreign capital coming from Sweden e Finland who created a satellite state capable of immediately assimilating all the positive sides and the excellent organization of the two kingdoms.

An example of this is the dense network of commercial and maritime connections between Helsinki e Tallin.

Obviously, as soon as you move from the center, a clear change is immediately denoted, the neighborhoods return to being desolate and you can see that Soviet architecture made of large concrete flows, large stairways and avalanche factories.

What to visit in Tallinn tips and suggestions

From Rannamae Road , the great ring road that surrounds the entire old city and which acts as a gateway to the oldest and most evocative part of Tallin, you can reach all the most interesting monuments of the city, such as the church of Sant'Olaf and at street number 71 the " Three sisters”An architectural complex made up of three houses that symbolize the city.

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La town hall square it will seem like a movie set so unreal and magnificent is the place.

The houses, the shops, the town hall itself is a mixture of medieval, gothic and hanseatic architecture that blend well with each other and make Tallinn a beautiful place.

Town Hall Square is the city center, here you will find shops and pastry shops as well as souvenirs and artisan shops.

The town hall can be visited and is characterized by its slender tower, another symbol of Tallin on whose summit the "Old Thomas" waves a weather vane depicting a soldier who, according to legend, would warn the population in the event of an attack from the sea.

I feed the Raekoja plats if I apre the Viru Tanav the long shopping street that reaches the hotel of the same name just outside the city center.

The hotel now owned by Finland rises with its 22 floors among the medieval palaces as an ancient legacy of the Soviet power that had built it in the 70s regardless of good taste.

On the Viru Tanav there are the shops of the most famous European brands but also local, stalls selling typical products and numerous musicians looking for some money to supplement. As reiterated several times, for those who visit the city it is impossible to give up the splendid historic center, a real monument to be preserved and included by Unesco among the most beautiful places on Earth.

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I medieval palaces are followed by the more modern, severe and slender ones that are so reminiscent of northern Europe with narrow and tall houses with many small alleys and streets in porphyry.

To visit absolutely even in a single day visit is the upper town or toompea where the Templars built the first strongholds to defend the city.

from Pikk Tanav continue for the climb called Long Leg Tower, a steep and suggestive staircase where you will meet some guitarists and artisan shops who in recent years have settled here to offer Estonian crafts: paintings, glass objects and crystals.

At the end of the climb you reach the big one piazza Lossi Plats where you can admire some ramparts that surround Tallin.

In the square you will find the Aleksander Nevsky Katedral, the Orthodox cathedral open to the public.

The church built in honor of the Tsar in 1897 has been at the center of some controversy for years between those who would have wanted to demolish it as a symbol of the Soviet power that for years subjugated the Estonian people (until 1991, the year of independence) and those who consider the church a splendid monument that in goodness and in the hand now represents the city.

In front of the cathedral a garden will serve you to restore yourself after the long climb and will allow you to admire the imposing Toompea castle the seat of the Estonian parliament painted in a particular old pink.

Tallinn where to eat and where to have fun

For eating there are many restaurants throughout the city offering a wide range of choices, from Italian to German to Estonian, to Chinese and so on.

Obviously if you are curious I suggest you try the traditional Estonian cuisine.

We remind you that the prices are very similar to those in Spain.

Instead for those who love the divertissement in Tallinn there are many clubs, I recommend those in the historic center, very beautiful, livable and characteristic.

Tallinn photo gallery

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