What to do in England in the summer

History, traditions, rugged coastlines and vast expanses of green: 5 good reasons to visit England in the summer!

Anyone who thinks England is limited to London does not really know it. England is made up of history, traditions, rugged coastlines and vast green expanses with a wide culinary variety. Contrary to what one might think.

Here 5 reasons to visit England in the summer and some milestones that you absolutely cannot miss.

1. Visit the English coast

Brighton, Southend-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea, Torquay, Devon or Cornwall - whatever your destination this summer you'll have a wide choice of strains to bet on. Get ready to be literally dazzled by the immense beauty of these landscapes. It is no coincidence that the British writer Rosamunde Pilcher set the plots of her novels in these extraordinary places that almost appear enchanted.

2. The mild and cool climate

While in Italy you gasp under the scorching sun, in England the summer is surprisingly pleasant. With the exception of its sudden but short rains, the English climate is characterized by a light breeze that wakes you up in the morning and, almost, accompanies you into the evening. Despite the high temperatures perceived in the capital in recent years, in the suburbs, and outside London, the climate has remained cool and mild. On the other hand, the heat must be pleasant and not exaggerated. Otherwise, what holiday would it be?

3. Immerse yourself in British traditions

Just thinking that in England you only eat fish and chips and fast food is a capital sin. Each English county presents typical dishes different from the rest of the country. For example, in Devon there is a different version of afternoon tea: the Devon Cream Tea.

The afternoon tea, around here, is made up of an exquisite ingredient. To accompany the tea, there are scone, typical Scottish sweets, on which clotted cream and jam are spread.
Another example are i Cornish pasties, some delicious little bundles of pasta stuffed with meat and vegetables cooked in the oven.
The unique and inimitable is instead Jacked potato, a huge potato stuffed with vegetables, tuna and eggs that makes it simply delicious.
On the coast, on the other hand, you can enjoy a vast amount of fish and traditional fish-based dishes such as sardines, crabmeat or squid.

4. The pub

If you are afraid of arriving in England and not even seeing a pub, no danger. In England, the pub is not just a meeting place with friends but a real institution. Many pubs are part of the history of the country because they arose in ancient buildings many years or even centuries ago. And they continue to be there. Therefore, the pub is not just any place but a piece of history. In addition to a wide selection of craft beers and spirits, you will experience the feeling of stepping into the past.

5. Summer festivals

Wherever you are headed, you will always find a summer festival ready to brighten your evening. It can be a folk music festival, a DJ set by international artists or live music from local bands. In England, summer festivals are the order of the day. Impossible to get bored.

Whatever your destination, in England you will have the most wonderful and intense summer you have ever experienced. The encounter with local traditions and local cultures gives life to the perfect mix to spend an alternative holiday that will enrich you with new energy.

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