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    Romantic B&B in Scotland: Bay View

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    Sleeping in a romantic seaside b & b in Stonehaven, feeling pampered and having an enchanting view is possible at the Bay View Bed and Breakfast.

    I can say for sure, this was the place nicest slept in scotland. As I also told in the previous post, the one on Fish and Chips from Stonehaven, the town had already struck me before I saw this b & b. After seeing it, after seeing this room, this property right on the sea, I completely fell in love. Madly in love. I didn't want to leave ... and I would love to go back!

    Stonehaven is a 10 minute walk from one of Scotland's finest castles, the Dunnotar Castle. An easy to reach castle with a few minutes' walk and a big climb to do. You can take great photos from the little hill beside, the photos we are used to seeing in Scottish calendars. But let's go back to our b & b.

    We were looking for a place to spend the night and arrived around 17pm in Stonehaven we went straight to the offices of theTourist Board. We didn't really want to search and we got advice. The first b & b they recommended was right back there, on the sea. We went to see and from the outside the facility looked beautiful. Very beautiful. Right by the sea, I thought, sleeping here tonight would be great. I would sleep with the window open to hear the sound of the sea waves even with minus ten degrees.

    So we went to knock on the door of this b & b. To open a lady with a white coat and colors everywhere. He was painting. After apologizing, she told us that she had only one room left, it was the one on the top floor, the cost of which was a bit high, but since we were the last customers of the evening and that it was now late (for them 18 pm late), he put him "alone" £ 95, which would be almost 120 €. For us it was very expensive considering that we wanted to make a super low cost trip. However, we decided to follow the lady who wanted to show us the room.

    We went up the stairs, four flights to the top floor and opened the door we have found heaven * - * we immediately fell in love with that place and took it. It was too good to let it go, it was too ours. We would have saved on more, after all they were days sleeping in a hostel and we deserved such a nice little place!

    The room of the Bay View b & b we had was so cute. The high bed, the sofa, the bathroom (small but functional and cute) and the huge window complete with a curtain, made with a sail sheet from a boat, to cover even the highest part of the room. The room was very high and the lady immediately showed us the blankets because there the night was cool with the fact that we were facing the sea. We then went to eat our fish and chips, always recommended by the lady, and returned after having one beer at the port of Stonehaven and explored the town a bit, which is very small but very pretty

    On the way back we left the window open for a while, to hear the waves of the sea as we tried to fall asleep. In the end we closed the window because, even if only in September, the treschino was starting to arrive. I think I caught my cold right there, but I think it was worth it. It was a beautiful place.

    In the morning we had breakfast in the room on the first floor, which is usually also a bar and restaurant during the day, a café open to everyone, not just the guests of the b & b. The wifi works very well and the rooms are also family rooms, not just for two people. On the top floor, next to our room, there was also the study of the lady's husband, which we glimpsed in the evening while he was going to the pub to drink with friends. I wanted to stay there with them for a couple of weeks!

    We requested the Scottish breakfast, the choice was between this and the continental one, but for obvious reasons we preferred a local breakfast. Sausage, eggs, beans, mushrooms and bacon, the breakfast of champions, complete with juice, coffee, toast and salted butter! We paid before we left and we promised ourselves that really, sooner or later we will be back!

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