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    Travelcard in London moves to Oyster card

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    New for Travelcard and passes for public transport in London!

    Daily Travelcard

    The TFL (Transport for London) has changed the issuance of Travelcards that extend for a week or more.
    Since 15 September 2013 in fact It is no longer possible to buy a weekly Travelcard, or for longer periods, in paper version (a simple ticket), but it will be necessary to buy an Oyster card, a plastic card to swipe on the sensors at the entrance to the subway, overground, DLR and buses, and recharge it with a Travelcard. Will remain available only in magnetic version la daily travelcard, or the daily one which will remain on paper.

    The cost of the Oyster card is £ 5, which can be returned to you if you decide not to keep it after returning from your trip. It must be said, however, that the Oyster card does not expire, so it can be very useful to keep it in case you decide to return to London in the future, or if you want to lend it to a traveling friend (Oyster cards are not nominal).
    The cost of the Travelcard, on the other hand, does not change: both in paper form and recharged on the Oystercard it keeps the same price, which varies according to the period you are interested in (weekly, monthly or yearly).

    Oyster Card

    Le Oyster card they are sold in underground stations, online, in authorized off-licenses and in London Travel Information Centers, so it is very easy to find one to use for your travels.
    They are flexible: you can top them up with a weekly, monthly or annual pass for buses (Bus pass), for buses and the subway (Travelcard), and you can also decide to top up it with as many pounds as you want and use the Pay as you payment method. go if you plan to travel outside the areas you usually travel to and which require extra payment.

    Oyster cards can also be registered, in case you want to be protected in case of loss (very useful if you have monthly or annual passes), if you want to check your "journey history”Or if you want to renew your Travelcard online.
    Everything is feasible from the TFL website.

    Differences between Travelcard and Oyster Card

    The differences between Travelcard and Oyster Card are different and you don't always have a clear idea of ​​what to buy but first of all what Travelcard and Oyster card are, so here is a post summary on the main differences between the two cards and the two methods of transport in London.

    If you are interested in buy the Travelcard, here is all the information you need to know, including prices to travel to London easily and low cost.

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