London, move with the double-deckers line 15, 9

    When we travel to big cities like London, but also Paris and Berlin, we use the subway very often to get around, but why don't we also try the bus? It is true that the subway is very comfortable and above all fast, it does not have to respect traffic lights or deal with traffic jams and is often the only means used while traveling.

    The buses, however, allow you to see the city and is especially useful for those who just can't stand the subway. How does the bus network in London work? Visiting London by bus is not always easy, that's why I decided to make a guide to London to visit it also from above :)

    Classic wines double-deckers, the double decker buses, are beautiful to look at but also comfortable for getting around London. In addition to Oyster Card and the London Pass to visit London you can buy the Saver, a block of six tickets each valid for a single journey on the bus. Once on these buses, all you have to do is sit down and wait for the conductor, not like in other buses where you have to show your ticket.

    There are many lines and it would be almost useless to name them all, so I will mention the most important tourist lines, but I recommend the London transport site where you can find valuable help for your transport.

    With regard to main routes, if you visit London as a tourist, keep this in mind line number 15, the bus travels comfortably to Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Westminster Abbey and Cathedral, Victoria Station and goes as far as the Tate Gallery.

    The bus number 15 connects Tower Hill to Trafalgar by crossing the City and passing St. Paul's Cathedral and Trafalgar Square by bus number 9 instead it connects Aldwych to Somerset House - Hammersmith. Which ones have you tried? Which ones would you like to try to take a unique tour of vintage London?

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