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La vegetarian cooking a London it is one of the most requested for the delicacies proposed but also for the simplicity of preparation and natural ingredients. When we talk about vegetarian cuisine we often expect a poor cuisine, perhaps not well cared for and certainly not very tasty, nothing could be more false in London where vegetarian dishes offer all the best of English cuisine in a light version.

Il Food for Thought it is located in Covent Garden and is a small place with a welcoming atmosphere and simple prunings. The dishes are excellent and true vegetarians will not be disappointed when faced with fries, salads and delicious soups, all at very low cost, from 3 to 6 £ by capacity.

For those who are not afraid to spend a little more, without ever exceeding the £ 8 within reach the advice is to go to the Mildred's one of the best vegetarian restaurants in London, excellent for both location and value for money. On Lexington St at the Tottenham Court Rd stop is this large and spacious restaurant which, despite its availability of seats at lunchtime, is always busy and full of people. Among the specialties many typical dishes such as salads, Soy burgers and grilled or sautéed vegetables but also many more refined dishes such as the famous ale pie, a beer mess much in demand. Drinks, beers and organic wines for an all-vegetarian lunch.

Among the other proposals, an interesting idea is that of vegetarian fast food, born in the center of the Piccadilly area. At the Tottenham Court Rd stop you will find the Red Veg a small restaurant that serves fast food dishes such as burgers, rolls and fries but all served exclusively with vegetarian ingredients. In addition, organic drinks and very interesting services for vegetarian lovers, all courses have a maximum cost of £ 5.

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