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Having fun in Edinburgh tips, ideas and suggestions and guide to the best nightclubs and clubs.

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Edinburgh night clubs

La Edinburgh nightlife it is particular and develops more within the beautiful ones pub which, in fact, are ours lounge bar e disco bar.

I Edinburgh night clubs are therefore i pub (Brits love to spend whole nights in pubs drinking and partying) who organize events every night with live music (pop, rock and Scottish music).

Let's find out what are the night clubs where does the nightlife of Edinburgh:

Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh

It's a beautiful place located in one of Edinburgh's underground caves for drinking Scottish beers or delicious cocktail but it is also a kind of disco that organizes serate ed Events with Dj set very respectable.


Cabaret Volrtaire Club is located at 36 Blair Street.

Frankenstein Pub Edinburgh

It is a very special place as it is located inside an old one church, consists of three floors and is furnished like the castle where the "monster" lived.

Frankenstein Pub it is located at 26 George IV Bridge.

Others popular nightclubs in Edinburgh very popular are:

  • Opal Lounge – 51 George Street New Town

  • Po Na Na Club (Lola Lo) – 43/B Frederik Street

  • The Three Sisters – 139 Cowgate

Where to eat in Edinburgh
  • Sneaky pete's – 73 Cowgate

  • The Electric Circus – 36-39 Market Street

  • The Hive – 15-17 Niddry Street

Edinburgh nightclubs

Here are the best ones Edinburgh nightclubs:

Liquid Room Edimburgo

Il Liquid Room is, perhaps, the Edinburgh's most famous club and is located near the beautiful and romantic setting of the ancient castle of the city.

The Liquid Room offers music india e Dj set of a high standard and is located at 9 / C Victoria Street.

Bongo Club Edinburgh

Il Bongo Club it is a beautiful nightclub where to attend concerts and where to listen House music e techno music.

The Bongo Club is located at 66 Cowgate.

Ego Club Edinburgh

And 'the Edinburgh's most transgressive nightclub where gay and themed nights are organized and is located at 14 Picardy Place.

Lulu Edinburgh

It is a very elegant location that offers from Latin American music to the House music and is located at 125 / B George Street.

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