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    Eat fish and chips behind Big Ben in The Red Lion

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    If you plan to spend a day in London starting at Trafalgar Square and continuing to the Big Ben, you cannot miss this fish and chips, just off the road by the way.

    In Trafalgar Square you can visit the famous square where the beautiful one is also located National Gallery, with free admission, and you can continue towards Westminster to get to Big Ben and visit all this wonderful part of London. Continuing in this direction on the left you will notice a pub called The Red Lion, the sign is in red.

    In this area you might think you won't find truly unique great pubs, but this is it. On the ground floor yes it only serves to drink even if there are several menus, but don't ask for lunch here, they won't give it to you, you have to go up to the room above. There are so many below English, mostly men, each with his own beer in hand, cozy little place.

    Upstairs the atmosphere is very relaxed, the tables are few, about one twenty places, often many people arrive at the door and come back, too many lines, too few tables, yet sometimes a stroke of luck happens. Here they are served few dishes, not many, but delicious: burgers and especially fish and chips. In addition to the classic English beers, there are also commercial coffees and soft drinks. Nothing too complicated, nice and simple place, only downside, you pay a little for the location, approx £ 15 per person all inclusive.

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