Camping Village ECV Jolly, sleeping in Venice

    Camping Village ECV Jolly, sleeping in Venice

    Il Camping Village Jolly is part of the ECV group, born in 1982, which today has 9 campsites and villages in Italy, 1000 mobile homes rented in Italy, Spain and Croatia, as well as several restaurants, hotel-restaurants and luxury hostels with the Plus brand.

    The Jolly camping village is what is called a city ​​camping, due to its location within the municipality of Venice (between Mestre and Marghera) and for the vocation to the "service" of the lagoon city. In particular, its position is particularly happy and easy to reach because it is located right at the end of the A4 motorway, while remaining in a quiet and relaxing environment in the middle of nature.
    The accommodations offered are very varied, with 20 pitches used as chalets60 for bungalows and another 100 for tents.
    A large swimming pool, accompanied by a small one for children to others hydromassage pools, is the immediate business card as well as the flagship among the many services offered, including the excellent quality restaurant-pizzeria Bella Ciao, shuttle bus connections to Venice and many others.
    But the happy position must not be considered only in function of the visit to Venice. As I was able to touch during the pleasant ECV blog tour, the entire lagoon offers numerous opportunities and worlds to discover, including "casoni", fishing and pleasure boats, and lots of sea and nature, even in the wild, where in some areas of the lagoon towards the south lived until recently some specimens of wild buffalo. You can start from the very famous, and now a classic in excursions to the Venetian land, the islands of Murano and Burano, among glass blowers and typical lace; then there is the pearl Chioggia, full of canals and small alleys like the capital, but don't dare to call it “little Venice”: the rivalry has always been particularly heated; we move on to the less known Pellestrina, an island of fishermen and today a decidedly quiet and relaxing place between the lagoon and the sea; or finally the worldly Lido, the seat of the Film Festival and the outlet to the Adriatic for the Venetians.

    What once (the lagoon) had been a shelter from the invaders acting as an obstacle to their advance and conquest, today is the main connecting channel in the area, becoming the most pleasant way to discover the area with some organized boat trips. And after these excursions, nothing will be more relaxing than returning to your favorite campsite, to enjoy the services and the familiar and open-air atmosphere again.

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