Pejo 3000: how to get there

    Pejo 3000: how to get there

    Pejo 3000 is the brand new cable car located in Trentino a few steps from Cogolo di Pejo. Pejo is the oldest tourist resort in Val di Sole and the climb to reach 3000 meters starts from 2000 meters above sea level for a climbing time of about 6 minutes. There are two cabins that bring tourists and skiers up, each one can carry a maximum of 100 people.

    When I climbed to the top, unfortunately, the weather was a bit dark, due to fog and I saw a little, a pity because the view at 3000 meters must be something unique. Once at the top you can go out, always with one mountain guide, to experience some path, or enjoy the view and then come back down. Inside the arrival area there are some tables and distributors so that anyone who wants to do snack can do it while enjoying the view of the snowy mountains.

    For information or booking you can call 0463754345 or write to

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