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    Forsterbrau, where to eat and drink in Merano

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    Where to eat well and drink even better in Merano, perhaps during the Christmas Markets, we are at Forsterbrau.

    Reasons to visit Merano they can be mainly 3: the thermal baths, the Christmas markets and the surrounding mountains. But a good lover of gastronomic tourism does not forget that here you can also eat quite well and that there Forst beer it is produced in these areas.

    The beauty of gastronomic tourism is that it is not at all in contrast with the other aspects, but rather goes well to integrate them and give the right boost to fully enjoy them. What to say therefore, for example after a morning in the cold between in banquets of Christmas markets, to take a trip to a symbol of Merano, which combines the typical South Tyrolean dishes with a first-hand Forst beer, absolutely zero kilometers?

    La Forsterbrau it is more than a brewery, and more than a restaurant. It is almost a monument, a living museum of the city's gastronomy. It represents for Merano what they represent for Monaco of Bavaria its historic breweries: a reason that alone can justify the visit.

    Located in the city center, in a pedestrianized area, a stone's throw from the Markets and almost on the banks of the Passirio river, on the other side of which are the famous thermal baths, the Forsterbrau is very easy to reach, whatever the reason you are in the city. It has an indoor space inside, but also a Biergarten behind it, a very pleasant garden for eating and tasting beer. THE seats are many, but the influx is always important, so I advise you, if you have not booked, to anticipate or delay peak times.

    What to eat? If in doubt, I recommend the "dish of the master brewer”, A synthesis of South Tyrolean cuisine from meat to side dishes (among others, of course, there is no shortage of wurstel and sauerkraut). What to drink? I think I've told you enough already…!
    And if you feel a little heavy, don't worry: the Tappeiner walk, panoramic 100 m above the city, will help you even if you have exaggerated.

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