Underground Turin, the mysteries of Turin

If you are always looking for original and unpublished visits, you should really live the experience of Underground Turin: a journey in depth, to discover the other Turin.

Torino it is a city full of fascinating places to visit and particular views. Not only important museums and royal gardens, but also original clubs, trendy restaurants and corners that you wouldn't expect. Visiting Turin in the light of the sun is certainly a unique experience: strolling under the arcades pampering yourself with a takeaway hot chocolate and discovering majestic squares full of history. But beware, this is not the only way of discovery that the Savoyard city has to offer: Underground Turin it is in fact a way to explore this magical city from a different and certainly very original perspective.

Underground Turin: the tour

What's downstairs? If you often ask yourself this question and want to find out, this is the tour for you. You will not have difficulty in researching and choosing the one that best suits your needs, there are now some agencies that deal with organizing the perfect tour in Turin.

But what to expect? The tour Underground Turin will give you a new version of the city: the chance to discover the very interesting history of Turin "from below", from the undergrounds of the most famous squares and streets.

With a torch and guided by expert operators, you will get to know catacombs, galleries, royal icicles, cellars, infernotti. Places used during war and famine, places able to whisper fascinating details of our history.

You will also come across places that are not easily passable, you will have to bend over and pay close attention while walking: take this into account when you go to book your visit.

Pietro Micca Civic Museum

During the tour you will discover the story of Pietro Micca, the man who saved Turin and to whom an important and beautiful museum has been dedicated. The historical period we are talking about is theSiege of Turin in 1706.

Pietro Micca - miner of the Savoy army - made a heroic gesture and sacrificed himself by letting a mine explode inside a tunnel. This action blocked the siege of the French troops who were within walking distance of being able to enter the underground tunnels.

The part of the underground open to the public are very well preserved and I assure you that it is really exciting to be able to walk through them and identify with those moments of our past. Pietro Micca is a character whose name is known, but not many people know the magnitude of his deeds. This visit allows us to give depth to our history and memory.

Underground Turin, what to expect

So if it doesn't scare you go to 15 meters of depth, towards the center of the Earth, this is the tour for you. If you are fascinated by the mysteries and defensive fortifications hidden from the common eye, I recommend you book, you will not be disappointed.

The visit is quite affordable, takes place mainly in the evening and is also available in English and in many other languages.

It is a surprising and suggestive experience that will allow you to investigate aother City hidden which you probably didn't know entirely existed. History buffs will especially love this visit, but those who simply want to try something different and more original will certainly be thrilled.

You just have to go and discover the other side of Turin.

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