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    Osteria La Bocca Buona, where to eat in Bra

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    During the blog tour in the Langhe with Italydifferent we had dinner atOsteria La Bocca Buona, which already promises good from the name! It is located in the center of Bra, a few steps from the historic Converso coffee, inside the pedestrian area.

    The restaurant welcomes with a suggestive entrance that accompanies the courtyard, a large window overlooks this which invites you to peek into the kitchen right away and showing the dining room, modern and simple with an exposed brick wall. The atmosphere is welcoming and cheerful, the staff helpful and kind.

    Il menu proposed focuses more on quality than quantity: it offers few dishes but well cared for and strongly linked to tradition, with some marine "excursus". Ingredient not to be missed is the Bra sausageraw or cooked, perhaps in the sauce in the fantastic tajerin. Note on the desserts, one of the strong points of this restaurant: I personally tasted it bunet (the traditional Piedmontese pudding with cocoa and amaretti) and panna cotta, the latter absolutely phenomenal.

    To conclude, speaking of expenditure, this certainly revolves around 30€ and even something more if you do all the courses or add some wine. It is certainly not what can be defined as low cost but in the end you will feel it so at peace with the world that when it is time to open your wallet you will feel less guilty about spending a few more bucks!

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