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Five activities to do in Lampedusa, boat trips, turtles, sunsets and good food. Here is the list of things not to be missed in Lampedusa, Sicily.

Lampedusa it is a beautiful island, a real flagship for our country; it is part of the Pelagie Archipelago, and together with Linosa and Lampione, it is one of the southernmost islands in all of Europe. Limestone, made of white rock washed by a crystalline sea, with Caribbean colors: an unforgettable island.

An island, moreover, suitable for all ages, but in particular for all budgets: to fully enjoy Lampedusa it takes very little, because the variety of offers is able to really satisfy anyone. Here, then, the five things to do (absolutely), and above all .. low cost!

The beaches and the blue sea, painted blue

The beaches of Lampedusa are amazing, incredibly fascinating. Depending on the area, the coast is very varied: to the south you can find small coves of white sand, some completely unspoiled, such as Cala Pulcino, others equipped, such as Cala Croce, Cala Madonna, or the very central Guitgia. In these, it is possible to rent an umbrella and two sunbeds for 15 euros for the whole day. And then, Isola dei Conigli: the most famous beach for the colors that the sea gives.

Here, the Legambiente volunteers will welcome you, giving you the right directions to place the umbrella (yours, or rented at the bar on the street: 15 euros per day, of which 10 as a deposit that will be returned), because this is precisely the beach chosen by the Caretta-Caretta turtles to lay eggs. In the eastern part, there are other very beautiful beaches: in Cala Maluk, Cala Francese and Cala Pisana the coast is still sandy, even if the rocks are starting to be more and more present; in others, such as Cala Creta and Cala Calandra, the rocks are the masters, creating low cliffs from which you can dive into a transparent sea, full of fish.

The boat trips

Another must of the island: in this way, you will have the opportunity to also explore the coves and caves of the northern part, reachable only by sea; dive offshore in crystal clear blue water; enjoy a rich lunch of fresh fish, cannoli and wine, while the boat floats on the waves; relax in front of a spectacular sunset. There are many boats that organize these trips: prices vary from 35 to 50 euros, depending on the manager and what he offers.

The sea turtle recovery center

For free, you can visit this recovery center, where turtles and other marine animals are rescued and cared for until they are able to return to the sea. Knowing the stories of individual animals, seeing the tanks, becoming aware of the human impact on the environment and how to contribute even in our own small way: a moving and unforgettable experience!

Eat well and low cost

In addition to the various fish restaurants, there are many opportunities to taste the local cuisine: one of these is Mancino, a small oven / bar that produces stuffed focaccia, pizza, sandwiches, salads and the inevitable arancini of all tastes! An excellent alternative for both dinner and a packed lunch to grab on the fly before going to the beach! another place for a good sweet is the Bar delle Rose: between cassatine, cannoli, almond paste and granite, it will become a fixed stop to be able to taste all these delicacies!

Unforgettable sunsets

If you want to enjoy a good aperitif immersed in a unique atmosphere, the O'Scia Club is for you: an isolated place, overlooking a cliff, furnished in a navy style, from which you can admire a spectacular sunset, complete with good music in the background. The prices for aperitifs and aperitifs are slightly more expensive than the premises in via Roma; but the effect is another story!

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