Sleeping in Honolulu: Polynesian Hostel review

Sleeping in Honolulu, Hawaii, here is the review of the Polynesian Hostel, a hostel in which to spend a night for only 20 dollars a night, recommended for cleanliness, space and location.

Sleeping in Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, it is usually not cheap at all. We are in fact in a destination that for many people is just a dream. And so the prices seem to have adapted to the exclusivity of the place. Having said that, however, don't be discouraged. I have a solution for you. Always as long as sleeping in a hostel is for you: here is the Polynesian Hostel.

Sleeping in Honolulu: Polynesian Hostel review

Waikiki Beach with $ 20

I was in Hawaii in June 3 years ago. A somewhat improvised journey, in which I simply relied on the metropolitan legends I heard about this VIP archipelago. However, I soon realized the exorbitant prices of hotels and resorts, and so I looked for an alternative solution.

I have been to hostels many times and when I travel alone it is one of my primary choices. I selected the Waikiki area, the most famous and central of Honolulu, and I found the Polynesian Hostel. The price was about $ 20 a night for a bed in a mixed room of 8. Taken on the fly, and I have not regretted it. Besides the very affordable price, the reason I chose this hostel was the location.

Sleeping in Honolulu: Polynesian Hostel review

Sleeping in Honolulu: Polynesian Hostel review

The location of the Polynesian Hostel

We are right facing Waikiki Beach, which can be reached in two minutes on foot. Waikiki's main drag, Kalakaua Avenue, which runs along the beach, is right there. You will therefore have supermarkets, shops, tourist agencies and everything you need for your Hawaii vacation. The street is also perfect for shopping. I found some beautiful clothing stores there.


I don't know if it was my excitement to be in Hawaii, but as soon as I walked into the hostel, I immediately felt like I was in a happy place. The reception staff welcomed me with big smiles and helpfulness and moreover the hostel is all colorful and with colorful murals on the walls.

Sleeping in Honolulu: Polynesian Hostel review

Sleeping in Honolulu: Polynesian Hostel review

The only flaw: my room was on the first floor without a lift and obviously I had a huge and very heavy suitcase. The room was simply furnished with bunk beds and lockers to store your belongings. As I said, it was a mixed 8-bed dorm. I immediately got on very well with the other guys in the room. It's great to share travel stories with people from around the world.

If the idea of ​​sharing a room with many people does not excite you, the Polynesian Hostel it also offers single, double or triple rooms with private bathroom. Obviously in this case the cost is higher.

Common areas

The beauty of sleeping in Honolulu: the kitchen is an open space outdoors, located practically in the garden of the hostel. Stoves, ovens and tables are therefore without walls. Waking up in Honolulu and having breakfast like this is priceless.

The kitchen is also the hostel's place for socializing par excellence. Beside there are a ping pong table and hammocks where I loved to go to relax before dinner. The wifi is free. The hostel also offers its guests masks, fins and snorkeling equipment.

Sleeping in Honolulu: Polynesian Hostel review

Sleeping in Honolulu: Polynesian Hostel review

The excursions

When you are alone and on a budget, exploring an island like Oahu can be difficult. In fact, to move around a car would be needed and this would greatly increase costs. For this reason I loved the excursions organized by the hostel for guests. With less than 50 dollars I attended the tour of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu and the north side of the island.

It starts with a bus together with the staff of the hostel, who also acts as a guide. Excursions are also a perfect way to group and socialize with other guests of the structure.

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