Jackson, a major mountain resort in the United States

La Jackson's mountain resort town is one of the main winter tourism destinations in the United States. The city is located in the Jackson Hole Valley of Teton County in Wyoming. The city is the county seat and the largest city with a population of around 10. The moose antler arches (arches made from elk antlers) are one of the main attractions of the city.

It is a important tourist center for different reasons. There are 3 major ski resorts nearby: Grand Targhee Ski Resort, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort at Teton Village and Snow King Resort. The city is also a good starting point for visiting the nearby Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

When to go

Il climate of Jackson town is humid continental. Its elevated position located in a valley between high mountains creates large differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures. In winter, temperatures can even drop to -40 ° C while in summer they can exceed 30 ° C. At any time of the year the temperature can drop below zero at night.

The most fascinating time to visit the city and the whole region is in winter. During this period, winter sports lovers can have fun in the 3 ski resorts, but that's not just the main reason. Everything acquires a fairy-tale and very suggestive image that allows you to spend pleasant holidays and white weeks.

Also the summer it is a good time for those who prefer to experience nature more and its awakening after winter. In this period it is easier to visit the natural parks and take long walks in the countryside. Various excursions and outdoor activities are available.

Intermediate periods such as spring and autumn are to be chosen for those who prefer to save something, especially on hotel costs. In spring and autumn the daytime temperature can exceed 20 degrees or there may be the last or the first snowfalls of the season.

To see

Yellowstone National Park: Yellowstone Park extends into the states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. This park was the country's first national park and welcomes around four million visitors each year. The park is located approximately 60 miles from Jackson.

Grand Teton National Park: Grand Teton National Park includes the Teton Mountain Range. The park hosts more than two million tourists annually and is located approximately 5 miles from Jackson.

National Elk Refuge: it is the largest moose refuge in the country. During the winter you can take tourist rides with horse-drawn sleighs.

National Museum of Wildlife Art (National Museum of Natural Art): Overlooking the National Elk Refuge, this museum displays and preserves many wildlife artwork. In addition to the works inside the museum, there is a long path with many sculptures along the way.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: The ski resort is located 12 miles north of Jackson and opened in 1966. It has steep terrain for advanced skiers.

Snow King Mountain Resort: it is the first ski resort in Jackson and it is also the cheapest in the area.

Grand Targhee Resort: it is the most distant ski resort from the city. It is 42 miles approximately 1 hour away.

Grand Teton Music Festival: is a classical music festival held every summer. It has a duration of seven weeks.

Centre for the Arts: the center of artistic culture of the city.

How to reach us

The city is served by the Jackson Hole Airport. You can also get there from Salt Lake City Airport where buses leave for Jackson.

In the city you can move by public transport. The company that manages the buses is “The START Bus” while the Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit offers connections to Teton Village and the nearby villages of Star Valley in Wyoming and Teton Valley in Idaho.

Jackson, a major mountain resort in the United States
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