Umbria, sleep at the Parco dei Cavalieri in Petrignano di Assisi

Where to sleep in Assisi well and cheaply, the review of the Hotel Parco dei Cavalieri just 7km from the Basilica of Assisi, in Petrignano di Assisi.

We chose to go back in Umbria a family celebration, therefore a pure chance, but the period from mid-May to the end of the month turned out to be the most appropriate of the whole year. Assisi was not so overrun, and in the neighboring villages we visited, we came across the two festivals of the Umbrian tradition, more ancient and well-known:Flower Festival a spello and Festa dei Ceri a Gubbio. In the post, I will tell you how we found ourselves staying in Park of the Knights, in a fraction near Assisi.

Parco dei Cavalieri: sleeping near Assisi

We decided to stay in Assisi, because it was in the center of the region and because we wanted to visit the town even in the evening, beautiful all illuminated. In the Franciscan village, needless to say, the prices of hotels and even of the "landlords" themselves are very high, if you want to stay within the walls.

My choice fell on a small fraction, Petrignano of Assisi, about seven km from the Basilica, 5 minutes by car, and I would do it again! The place is quiet and easily accessible by car. They had given us a stay in this beautiful structure, surrounded by a quiet garden that is called Park of the Knights, and it was a pleasant discovery.

It is a beautiful country estate, with typical rooms and beyond my expectations. Their restaurant can also be used by those who do not stay overnight. Excellent dishes both traditional and reinvented and breakfast with homemade cakes.

To visit Assisi you will need a day. Obviously the very famous Basilica of San Francesco, perfectly rebuilt after the terrible earthquake. The Basilica dedicated to Santa Chiara and the Cathedral of San Ruffino, the walls and its typical shops that will sell you truffles in all sauces.

Beyond the historic center

But in addition to the historic center, two things you absolutely must not miss: theHermitage of prisons, a place where St. Francis, together with other friars, retired in prayer until the end of his days and the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli with inside the famous porziuncola, a church within a church. Come back in the evening in its surroundings, beautifully lit and surrounded by nice places to eat. I recommend one above all: the Santucci restaurant.

Because Assisi is unmissable

To conclude, Assisi is unmissable, more than for its artistic treasures, for its mystical and incredible atmosphere.
Visit Spello: pretty and medieval village a few kilometers away by car. In the month of May, his infiorata festival is very famous, in which all the city ​​streets are filled with flower petals that create spectacular and colorful designs, participating in a real competition.

A trip to Gubbio

Move to Gubbio, unmissable its square that seems suspended between the buildings and the hills! Two are also held in May Feasts of the Ceri, one of the oldest traditional festivals in Italy, in honor of the patron saint Sant'Ubaldo. There are three factions that challenge each other and represent the ancient guilds of trades. In addition to that of the patron saint, that of Sant'Antonio and San Giorgio, who run wearing the colors they belong to, carrying very heavy candles on these streets that climb up to the hill overlooking the city and which houses the main church dedicated to Sant'Ubaldo .

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