The CN Tower in Toronto: timetables, ticket prices and how to get there

The CN Tower is a 553 meter high television tower, symbol and main attraction of the city of Toronto in Canada. The tower was completed in 1976 and until 2007 held the record for the tallest structure in the world.

The tower was originally not supposed to be open to the public. It was built alone to improve radio transmissions and to create a symbol that represented the strong economic and industrial growth of the country in those years.

Today it is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, as well as being the symbol of Toronto and one of the best known places in Canada. This distinctive icon of the Toronto skyline was declared in 1995 one of the seven modern wonders of the world dalla American Society of Civil Engineers.

Every year, more than two million visitors they climb the CN Tower to admire the panorama of the city and to eat in its panoramic revolving restaurant. On clear days you can see the Niagara Falls area and glimpse the city of New York.

The CN Tower is illuminated every evening and night. In 2007 conventional incandescent lighting was replaced with 1330 high intensity LEDs, which are much cheaper and less expensive.

The visit of the CN Tower

The CN Tower consists of different substructures. The main part of the tower is formed by a hexagonal hollow concrete pillar, containing the stairwells and the electrical and hydraulic connections inside.

There are six available to climb from the base to the first level of the tower lifts, 2 for each corner of the tower. Each of the 6 elevators allows a view of the city, as you climb up the tower thanks to the glass windows and explanations from the guide.

After about 1 minute you will reach the first part of the tower that can be visited. This large sphere structure, 43 meters in diameter and 37 meters high, is called Main Pod and is divided into 7 levels, some of which are open to the public.

The first floor to visit is LookOut Level, located 346 meters high. On this floor you will find the Horizons restaurant and a piano bar, as well as large panoramic windows. From here you can go down to the lower floor where the SkyTerrace and the Glass Floor are located.

The entire lower floor consists of the Glass Floor, a glass floor where you can walk on it and look at the void below. You can take incredible photos, as if you were suspended in the void.

The external area of ​​the lower floor consists of the SkyTerrace, an outdoor terrace that surrounds the entire CN Tower. From here you can enjoy a splendid view over all of Toronto and the surrounding area, until you can see the Niagara Falls area.

On the top floor of the LookOut Level is the revolving restaurant, the 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower. This restaurant located at 351 meters high makes a full circle every 90 minutes and a very romantic experience. Menu prices are $ 55 for lunch and $ 65 for dinner.

Above the Main Pod, at 447 meters high, is another observation platform called Sky Pod. This structure divided into 2 floors, can be reached by an elevator that starts from the floor of the LookOut Level.

Al Downstairs of the Sky Pod there is access to the lift, while al upper floor a smaller viewing platform, with windows tilted to the outside, so that an almost vertical view downwards is possible.

On clear days, the view from here is truly spectacular, so much so that you can catch a glimpse of the New York skyline. To reach the SkyPod the General Admission + SkyPod ticket must be purchased.

The Sky Pod is fitted with atransmission antenna 102 meters high metal that carries TV and radio signals.

EdgeWalk: Canada's most thrilling attraction

The EdgeWalk is one of the most beautiful and fun experiences that can be done in Toronto and throughout Canada. This attraction definitely is dedicated to the bravest and thrill-loving visitors, and allows walking on and around the roof of the tower's Main Pod, 356 meters high.

The EdgeWalk is at the moment the walk on an outdoor platform without barriers or railings, the highest in the world. Visitors are tied to a security system and walk around the edge on a 1 meter wide metal floor, located above the restaurant.

For this attraction you need a separate ticket which costs $ 195 and have aminimum age of 13 years. The attraction is closed throughout the winter, and during periods of electrical storms and high winds.

Opening time

The CN Tower is open daily from 9:00 to 22:30. The various levels and floors are open at the following times:

Observation platforms

  • LookOut from 9:00 to 22:30
  • Glass Floor from 9:00 to 22:30
  • SkyPod from 9:00 to 22:30

360 Restaurant

  • Lunch from 11am to 00pm
  • Dinner from 16:30 to 22:00


  • Le Café (bar) alle 10:00 alle 19:00
  • Le Café (kitchen) from 11am to 00pm

Ticket prices

Generic ticket

Adult ticket price (13 to 64 years old) - $ 38

Ticket price for seniors (65 and up) - $ 34

Child ticket price (4 to 12 years old) - $ 28

Children are 4 years old and have free access

Generic ticket + Sky Pod

Adult ticket price (13 to 64 years old) - $ 53

Ticket price for seniors (65 and up) - $ 49

Child ticket price (4 to 12 years old) - $ 43

Children are 4 years old and have free access

Toronto CityPASS

If you want to visit more Toronto attractions, we recommend purchasing the Toronto CityPASS, which in addition to saving on the purchase of individual tickets, also saves time by avoiding the queues to buy tickets.

The Toronto CityPASS includes:

  • CN Tower
  • Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
  • Casa Loma
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Toronto Zoo O Ontario Science Centre

Toronto CityPASS prices

The cost of the Toronto CityPASS for adults is US $ 72,88
The cost of the Toronto CityPASS for children is US $ 49,91

Buy the Toronto CityPASS at a discounted price


How to get to the CN Tower

The CN Tower is located near Lake Ontario, south of downtown Toronto. This huge structure is located just outside the city center, in the immediate vicinity of the Rogers Center.

The easiest way to reach the CN Tower is with the subway. It is recommended that you make your way to Toronto Station, also known as Union Station. From here you can use the skywalk, an underground pedestrian system called PATH, or walk Front Street.

THEaddress where the CN Tower is located is: 301 Front Street West - Toronto

Security systems

For the safety of the visitor on the tower have been arranged various fire safety measures. In addition to the ban on smoking or the use of gas-powered appliances inside the tower, fire-fighting equipment and a video surveillance system are arranged.

The tower has a fire extinguishing system on a large scale, connected to two tanks, one on the top floor of the tower and the other at the base, each with a maximum capacity of 70.000 liters of water, capable of pushing almost 3.000 liters per minute.

The structure is also hurricane or earthquake proof. The great flexibility allows it to withstand winds above 400 km / h and the stability to withstand an earthquake of 8,5 on the Richter scale. Several copper wires protect the structure from lightning.


Under the observation deck of the CN Tower, in 1976, one was included time capsule inside which letters, newspapers and coins of the time were introduced. The opening of this capsule is scheduled for 2076, exactly 100 years later.

Inside the structure there is a metal ladder, not open to the public, except twice a year for charity events. To reach the first level you need to climb 1.776 steps, while for the second level you need 2.579 steps.

On average, it would take an average person about 30 minutes to climb the 1.776 steps. The record, however, is 7 minutes and 52 seconds set in 1989 by a police officer.

The CN Tower in Toronto: timetables, ticket prices and how to get there
CN Tower – Toronto, Canada –
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