Travel Insurance in the USA

Travel Insurance in the USA

One of the most important things in organizing a trip or vacation to America is to take out a good one USA travel insurance before leaving. I'll explain right away why it is extremely important to take out good travel insurance right away.

While for trips to Spain or Europe, the national service offers medical coverage both on our territory and in Europe, in the United States, health care is always paid, for both residents and tourists.

Plus the expenses o the costs of various medical services in the US are quite high compared to Spain. So for a trip or a peaceful and relaxing holiday, don't risk it, make sure you have good company and enjoy the journey.

Every insurance company offers various types of insurance for any type of trip or vacation in the USA. From the essential package that covers only medical assistance to the more complete ones that cover flight, baggage, travel injuries, early return, roadside assistance, trip cancellation, ...

La choice of insurance package it depends on the budget you want to dedicate to the trip or your needs. If you are absolutely sure that no impediment can hinder your departure, you can exclude the complete package which also includes travel cancellation.

Roadside assistance and various car rental insurance you can also stipulate at the counter when you collect your car. But medical health insurance, and if you want also baggage insurance, are essential.

Before purchasing read carefully the conditions of the insurance policy and consider whether to take insurance without franchise or the one with deductible, i.e. a small expense on each service will be charged to the customer.

Best Travel Insurance USA

But let's see in detail what are the best travel insurance in the United States of America.


The cheapest travel insurance for trips to the USA is certainly the one offered by Coverwise. It is part of the AXA Assistance Group and offers 24/24 assistance. The negative note is the deductible of 75 euros in case of any event covered by the insurance. However, considering the low excess rate, it certainly remains one of the best policies for value for money.

Columbus Insurance

Columbus Insurance is one of the most famous and chosen insurance companies both for trips to America and for other destinations. Among its strengths: unlimited medical expenses, operations center in Spain 24 / 24h - 7/7, direct payment for hospitalization, which can also be subscribed at the last moment, policy sent directly via email.

Other United States Travel Insurance

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