Sleeping in Rome with BedyCasa da Betty

BedyCasa is a French site that offers a rental service for rooms in host families, sometimes in b & bs or even independent apartments. The opportunity to travel in an original way to feel a little bit like a tourist and a little bit at home.

Bedycasa is a booking site of family rooms around the world with a current presence in 162 countries. The purpose of BedyCasa is to manage them safely Reservations in private homes, bringing together supply and demand and proposing to travelers to book online as they would for a hotel.

Unlike the other portals, BedyCasa focuses on the market for rooms in private homes, with the homeowner present on site, ready to offer special attention to travelers. The strong points of BedyCasa are the prices, which also range from € to € 30 40 for a room in Paris or Rome (as it happened to me) and the story, which began in 2007, in more than 160 countries, with more than 100.00 users and more than 15.000 accommodations.

My experience. I slept with BedyCasa in Rome and I must say I found myself very well. I already knew the area, towards via Nomentana. The apartment is on the ground floor and the owner was very kind to reserve a parking space for us in an area in which Rome notoriously never finds a place.

The house was Betty's, the lady showed us there chamber in the evening and woke up in the morning to say hello, even though our alarm clock rang pretty early. The experience was interesting, not a b & b, not even a bed and breakfast, something halfway between one and the other. The room was clean and decent accommodation. The price of 40 € for the room for two it seemed honest to me.

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