Burigozzo 11 hostel, in the heart of Milan

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THEBurigozzo Hostel 11 a Milan it's the way to sleep well, low cost and in the center of Milan… and the great thing is that it's not a joke! The La Cordata hostel is located halfway between the ships and the historic center (by historic center I mean the Duomo) and arriving from one side or the other is a matter of 10 minutes on foot, not more.

Not far from the hostel there are also the subway Crocetta and Missori and reaching them is really easy. That for Missori for example it is very easy, just exit the hostel street, via Burigozzo, and take Corso Italia, from there it's all straight and after 8 minutes you will be at the subway.

The hostel is clean though a little noisy Unfortunately. The good thing is that despite being a hostel and therefore without services such as the phoon for example, it is always possible to go and ask for it for hire. Also it is possible leave your luggage overnight stay for the following day so as to get around Milan without too much weight.

The only flaw besides the fact that it is a bit noisy is that you absolutely have to leave the hostel at 11, so get organized! As for safety instead it is really valid, also thanks to the codes that are given to you at the entrance and that allow you to enter your floor and the entrance gate during the evening hours.

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