Costa de la Luz, Spain, the beaches, the wind

Long white beaches, beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Costa de la Luz, Spain has some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole area, come and read where they are.

La Costa de la Luz is part of Spain which I liked the most. No, that's not enough, I didn't just like it, it just drove me crazy.

Costa de la Luz, Spain, the beaches, the wind
The Costa de la Luz is located in the far south of Spain between Cadiz and Tarifa. Here there are wonderful pristine beaches, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, about 200 kilometers of coastline with fine sand, strong winds and a desire for freedom.

To pass by car through the Costa de la Luz is the best way to see all the beaches in this part of Spain. The best are the most hidden, you have to stop, take the car, walk and explore. In summer, in August but also in September, the temperatures are quite high, but don't despair, the beaches you will find will be worth a trip under the scorching sun. A stone's throw from Morocco is one of Spain's hidden treasures that I recommend you explore.

Costa de la Luz, Spain, the beaches, the wind

Le beaches of the Costa de la Luz they are very windy, precisely because they overlook the Atlantic Ocean, but also for this reason they are wonderful. This is a practitioner's paradise windsurf and other types of water sports and the water here is not very hot, always for the same reason. Here there are many little ones seafood restaurants, some motels, bungalows where to stay between a day at the beach and the other or waiting for the boat trip for see dolphins. Nearby is also the beautiful Parque Nacional de Donana, which I recommend for a day trip and which I will talk about in another post.

Costa de la Luz, Spain, the beaches, the wind

The most beautiful beaches of the Costa de la Luz

In my opinion, the most beautiful beaches on the Costa del la Luz are different. I have tried some, but not all, because I only stayed three days in all two nights. I would have stayed longer, to be honest, but I stayed 20 nights in total in Spain and had a bit of a tight schedule. However, my heart remained there and I would love to return to visit the other beaches sooner or later.

Close to the city of Cadiz, the coastline is wonderful and the beaches enchanting. There victoria beach, on summer nights, it becomes a large open-air cinema for all locals and tourists. Besides the beach, fun together.

Costa de la Luz, Spain, the beaches, the wind

From Cadiz south to Tarifa, there are the beaches that I prefer the most. The Caños de Meca, Zahara e Playa Bolonia. Uncrowded and hidden beaches, beaches that are really worth visiting, fine sand and windy areas to relax. You will feel like you are in heaven.

A Tarifa I stayed two nights to sleep, I particularly enjoyed this stretch of beach. Famous for windsurfing, the bungalows here are simple and cheap and it is a pleasure to watch these sportsmen have fun even if you are not fond of water sports.

Costa de la Luz, Spain, the beaches, the wind
A wonderful emotion to feel part of this environment even for just a few days. Here they are Punta Paloma Beach, about 10 km from Tarifa with golden sand dunes and a pine forest and Playa De Los Lances, the longest beach in Tarifa.

From Cadiz cities to the north are located Chipiona, Rattan, El Puerto de Santa María e Sanlucar de Barrameda.

Costa de la Luz, Spain, the beaches, the wind

One of the experiences and landscapes that I will always carry in my eyes is there light of sunsets of this part of Spain. Take a moment just for yourself at sunset. In certain areas of the Costa de la Luz there are no lights, but small shacks on the beach where you can have an aperitif, one beer, and relax with the sweet music that comes from the waves of the sea. A dream.

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