How to get around Europe by low cost train: Inter Rail

What better way to tour Europe if not traveling by train? You don't have to worry about staying awake to drive, you just have to decide the destination and get into the carriage. For years, precisely since 1972, "> Inter-Rail has made millions of young people travel and still many dream of the adventurous journeys that Inter-Rail offers.

Since 2007, the famous zones no longer exist, for example I have always dreamed of shooting zone F: Morocco, Portugal and Spain. Since 1972 many things have changed, the countries where you can travel have gone from 21 to 30, but (my) Morocco has been excluded.

The news is that you no longer have to choose the area in which to travel but there are only two types of tickets, the Global Pass which allows you to travel to all countries included in the Inter-Rail program or you can choose the One Country Pass and travel within a single country, excluding the country of residence. Furthermore, the Global Pass is in turn divided into Flexi, with a duration of 10 days in which only 5 can be used to travel, or a duration of 22 days in which the days available for travel are 10, and Continuous, with a duration of 22 or 30 days and allows you to travel every day.

However, there is clearly a price difference. The ticket it is valid only for the second class up to the age of 26, while for those who want to travel with this splendid initiative and are over 26, can also choose the first class. On the other hand, children under 12 pay half. The ticket entitles you to travel for free on all trains in Europe up to a maximum of 30 days, you can decide this when you go to buy the ticket, if you decide to buy a global pass and want to travel 5 days in 10 days of travel, your price to be paid is 159 €; traveling 10 days in 22 travel days costs € 239; for 22 consecutive days the cost of the ticket is € 309; for 1 continuous month the cost is just under 400 €.

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