Where to sleep better while spending half

    Where to sleep better while spending half

    Another post on hostels that's exactly what it takes for those young and eager to explore new cities, who don't want to miss a single destination. Which are the hostels that have most hit you on your travels? Which ones have left you disappointed? And the dirtiest? the cleanest? Hostelword after having compiled the rankings of the 10 best hostels in Europe, after having ranked the 5 best hostels in the world and after having given the ranking of the 3 best hostels in London which all appear in the section where to sleep, here's to you i special prizes by Hostelword.

    Special award for the cleanest hostel goes to the hostel Jetpak City Hostel in Berlin, Germany. The hostel comes in two variants, one in the center of the German city and one in the middle of the forest near Berlin. The prize for the safest hostel goes to Albergue Miraflores House in Lima, Peru.

    The funniest hostel and the Mostel Hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria. The prize for the hostel with the best location is for Flamingo's Hostel, in Krakow, Poland. The hostel that won the award for best staff is once again located in Berlin, Germany, and is the Jetpak City Hostel, it's really worth going to sleep a couple of nights.

    The award better character was won byOasis Backpackers Mansion Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal, a truly lovely place. The prize for the hostel small but beautiful is awarded to the small Bulgarian hostel already winner of the award as the most fun, the Mostel Hostel in Sofia. Last prize, that of bigger but beautiful, with 500 beds, is won by an overseas hostel, precisely in Chicago, USA, the HI Chicago.

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