How to organize a trip to the United States

If you are planning a trip to the United States and don't know where to start, here it is some important tips, with the various steps, to help you organize a trip or a low cost vacation in the USA.

This short guide is only intended to help you in planning if you have decided to organize a do-it-yourself trip. If you are not familiar with online bookings, it is better to rely on a travel agency.

Overseas travel requires experience in organizing and good information. With this short guide we want to indicate the various phases, from planning, to booking all the components of the trip, to the purchase of the various excursions and visits.

Plan the trip

The first thing to do is to plan and plan the trip. To do this, you must already have a clear idea of ​​what you want to see.

  • establish the time and budget to devote to the trip
  • choose what to see
  • choose the itinerary considering the duration of the trips and establishing how many days to dedicate to each destination
  • choose the travel period, based on the climate of the areas to be touched. When choosing the departure date, also consider the times to request the necessary documents, such as passport, visa or ESTA, credit card, ...
  • determine the costs of the trip. The cost of the trip can be divided into expenses for documents (passport, visa or ESTA, travel insurance, ...) and various accessories (backpacks, electrical adapters, cameras, video cameras, ...). Travel expenses such as flight, travel by private or public transport, car and fuel rental. Expenses during the trip such as eating, accommodation, fuel, excursions, souvenirs and extras

Prepare the documents

If you don't have the passport apply to the relevant offices. When you have a passport, do the ESTA application. This is quick and easy enough. If the ESTA application is not accepted, it will be necessary to apply for a visa. The times for issuing the visa may be long.

If you want to rent a car and don't have one credit card, apply for it to your bank. The times for issuing a credit card may be long, so it is advisable to do it as soon as possible. Credit cards in the United States also be required by hotels.

Book the flight

To book the air travel, the most trusted search engine is Skyscanner. This search engine is the only one that allows you to find the best rates based on the requested period.

Search and book your flight


Remember that if you do not have all the documents, choose the date of the flight, based on the time needed to obtain all the documents.

Book hotels

Searching for hotels, lodges or other accommodations can take quite a while. It is advisable, before booking, evaluate reviews, look at the map of where the property is located, check in and check out times, and if there are any extra costs.

Search and book hotels


Book trips

If you are only visiting a big city like New York, you don't need to rent a car. It is more comfortable to move by public transport. Tickets for public transport can be obtained directly on site, before using them.

If you want to take a tour with various cities, destinations and destinations, the best choice is to travel by car. It is advisable to start on car rent at the arrival airport. The end of the rental is also advisable at the departure airport. If it is different from the arrival date, the rental company may apply extra costs.

Search and book a car rental in the USA


Although the car is the most comfortable way to travel around the US, these can also be done by private means. There are various bus companies that carry out tours and connections with all major US cities.

Book activities

The entrance tickets for museums, attractions, amusement parks and those for the various tours are advisable to book them before departure. In this way you will save on the admission price and avoid queues at the entrance.

Search and book activities in the USA


The ticket for entry to the various US national parks must be done at the park entrance. Here you can choose whether to buy only the entrance for that park or theAnnual Pass, the card that allows entry to all American national parks.

Travel insurance

The last thing to book and buy, even if it can be done earlier, is good travel insurance. If you want some advice you can read our article on Travel Insurance USA.


  • consider travel time zones
  • if you don't speak English, learn the most common phrases
How to organize a trip to the United States
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