Mood maps, the most original way to travel

A really useful site for those who don't know how to move in a foreign city. Guides banned long and heavy, yes to a pc in the hotel, convenient and quick to find your maps and your favorite places based on why not, even your mood.

Il place that I had already found months ago now you get a mandatory quote also because one of the most famous fashion magazines in our country has noticed her. Andy Whitlock is the author of this delightful site made up of maps and moods to experience the city in a humoral way.

Inside the site 3 maps related to 3 cities, London, Toronto and New York. Select the city you want to visit and consequently on the left menu you will find some moods to indicate. Among these virile, romantic, capricious, energetic and many others. Once you have chosen your mood, the map will open and you can see inside, thanks to small symbols, the clubs, pubs and shops recommended for your tour.

Se select a venue find a brief description of why in New York you have to go to that pub if you are feeling romantic and even one small map to enter the street you want to start from to get to your destination, or the recommended street for the venue. Undoubtedly a good way to get around the cities with a different spirit, too bad it is still extended to only 3 cities.

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