Amanjena, Marrakech: the oasis reminiscent of Aladdin's fables

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Ready to discover the iconic architecture of Morocco and the flavors of Marrakech? Here is the review of the splendid Amanjena resort in North Africa: a 5-star property since 2000, just 15 minutes from the airport. Ideal to disconnect from everyday life, immersing yourself in a fairytale place.

Ready to live among the pages of a fairytale? Welcome to Amanjena, in Marrakech: a dream resort, where you can immerse yourself in a very special atmosphere. We are located in Morocco and it is a 5 star hotel opened in 2000 which is only a 15 minute drive from the airport.

Amanjena, Marrakech: its origins

Once upon a time there was a young slacker scion who spent all day insulting those who passed in front of his sumptuous villa. His mother, a widow for some time, after many unsuccessful attempts to integrate him into daily life at court, in the royal palace, decides to donate all the young man's possessions to the most famous merchant of Marrakech, a certain Amanjena.

Although the origins of this place have no mythical reasons, we know that the splendor and sumptuousness of the Amanjena oasis touch the Aladdin's fable. No wishes this time, no wonderful lamps. For the sake of completeness, we will say that Aladdin actually lived in Catai, modern-day Northern China.

Amanjena, Marrakech: where it is and what to expect

The one-of-a-kind, five-star plus resort embodies the iconic architecture of Morocco and the flavors of Marrakech. The silk, fabrics and bright colors recall the court of millenary palaces.

Amanjena is located at Route de Ouarzazate, km 12, Marrakech, Morocco and offers opulent solutions for all who wish to experience the North Africa in its full splendor. You will be welcomed by imperial palms, golf courses complete with inner-clubs for the most passionate, tea rooms with the most loved infusions by tourists from all over the world, themed dinners with colorful ceramics and deluxe interiors.

As every nomad traveler knows, as well illustrated by the alchemist of Coelho, the destination is only the last step of the journey we have undertaken: it is the path itself that entrusts us to the final destination. Never more true than in Morocco where every place you live seems the beginning of a new story.

Here, in Amanjena, the landscapes seem to recall the life of the sultans, gold and precious metals that mingle with spices and create an inimitable, almost Homeric epic mix.

Each tale, in Marrakech, turns into a unique adventure similar only to Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand or Amandari, Bali, Indonesia.

Amanjena resort: how to book

There are different booking solutions, from a night as a pasha to fifteen days as an emperor: of course, it is not exactly in line with the parameters of low-cost, but this experience is a must for everyone. Or at least for all those who love the unexplored.

If you want to appreciate every single detail, the brightness of the ceramics and be ready for an unforgettable moment, you too can spend a few days in this dream oasis. An adventure that will drop you in avery different atmosphere from the common and that you cannot help but remember and tell.

Are you ready to go?

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