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Commonplaces have it that to enjoy a fantastic island like Capri you have to be either Capri or a millionaire.

In reality this is not the case, and I have experienced the experience of a cheap holiday in Capri on my skin.

The secret to spending a holiday in Capri Cheap? Just be satisfied.

I assure you that even with a limited budget you can fully enjoy the magic of this paradise, you just need to know how to organize yourself at best.

Useful tips to save in Capri

Book well in advance allows you to stay very close to the famous square for less than one hundred euros, especially if you choose two or three star solutions.

Or you can opt for Anacapri renouncing worldliness, but not for this to a heaven on earth unmatched.

Walking around the island means being captivated by the scents.

As if it were a wine, Capri can be deciphered with the nose: lemon, rosemary, juniper and sea.

Holidays in Capri The Queen of the Flegrean Islands

Not to be missed is the trip to the mount Solaro with the chairlift.

Both for the breathtaking view and for the picturesque garden.

But the real perfumes also come manufactured on site; the manufacturing companies open to the public at certain times.

I also recommend looking at the villa from the sea Curzio Malaparte.

Do not enter the Blue Grotto (too much queue for my taste), to try the Pezzogna all'acquapazza and to go into some luxurious hotel, just to have a look.

A passage in front of the luxurious shop windows of Capri it is mandatory, but it is much better to try to get lost, follow trails that lead away from tourist groups (Americans).

You can discover hand-made iron villa gates.

There is only one craftsman on the island who produces them.

Or you can go up to the end of the path that starts from the square and ends at the top, in front of Punta Campanella and with an almost Amazonian vegetation.

Obviously, you also go to Capri for the crystal clear sea.

Un tour of the island by boat (ask a local fisherman) reveals hundreds of secret coves and unexpected shades of blue.

All in all, nature is so intense here that the piano bar frequented by accustomed VIPs is perhaps the least interesting thing to see.

Sixth and last tip: visit Capri from April to June and from September to October, there is no better time to fully enjoy this magnificent island.

The 6 most beautiful beaches of Capri bathed by a sea of ​​breathtaking colors

Capri is like a Sauvignon, it knows how to involve you with intense aromas and confuse you with its clarity and hardly tired.

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