Amsterdam's best coffee shops

Amsterdam's best coffee shops

Coffee Shop Amsterdam useful tips and information

I coffee shop, as the Red light district, represent the major tourist attractions of Amsterdam.

I was of the opinion that in life at least once the "Venice of the north"Had to be visited by me.

And here I am to stumble upon this journey that I have defined "transgressive".

What are the best coffee shops in Amsterdam?

I tell you that before coming to Amsterdam I searched for information on the web related to best coffee shop in town and I only found some useful tips.

I realize that only after having been there for real in this fabulous city can you be able to draw one ranking of the real best coffee shops in Amsterdam, where you consume your best “rations”, without having any kind of problem, in an environment suited to your holiday climate.

Amsterdam's best coffee shops

Here, below, i coffee shop that I can advise you: the first is without a doubt the Cafe Welling (try to go to the site and click on the various parts of the photo on the home page, very cool!), followed by the Jazz Cafe Alto, il Cafe 't Arendsnest , Wynand Fockink, and finally the Cafe Latei.

10 things you absolutely must see in Amsterdam

They are the best ever, then you will agree with me as soon as you get back from Amsterdam.

Tips for visiting Amsterdam

At night ad Amsterdam in some areas (beyond the red light district there are very dark streets where I have never seen a policeman but only drug dealers and pickpockets!) there are many strange dealers who are held in groups of 3-4 and therefore I recommend you be careful of the money and of don't get too drunk.

Another precaution: don't sing / yell, break bottles, etc .. because the police Dutch it is very strict and does not tolerate vandalism of any kind.

Among other things, the Dutch they are very quiet people and if you are friendly they will gladly help you.

3. You are not in a hurry to see everything immediately, take it easy.

In fact I recommend buying a map, you will need it if you don't want to have your feet broken.

Having a few transgressive days can be pleasant, but you should never overdo it with smoking or with the various cakes made with marijuana butter.

Amsterdam's best coffee shops

Cupcakes start to kick in after an hour or more, depending on what you ate before.

Be careful, if you panic, sit down and eat something very sweet.

Dessert is an antidote, but avoid throwing up in the alleys.

Always carry your documents with you, safe, never in your purse, backpack or exposed back pockets.

State beware of cyclists who circulate mercilessly also pay attention to the many unpredictable routes of the city tram.

I remind you that nothing is free in Holland, among other things, it is not an economic country at all.

You pay for everything and not a little, in the city center there are many restaurants more or less good but all with very high prices.

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