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    Home in nature, where to go on holiday safely

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    Home in nature is the Dutch portal that arrives. A selection of accommodations such as huts, country houses, yurts, glamping or trulli where you can sleep in the midst of nature and feel safe on vacation and far from inhabited centers.

    House in the nature is a project born from the founders Tim van Oerle and Luuk van Oerle. The idea of ​​Home in nature is perfect for any time of the year, but it is even more appropriate in this somewhat uncertain time when we all feel the need to continue traveling, maybe getting back in touch with nature.

    Sleeping in a cabin, in a farmhouse or in a yurt is possible today, thanks to this site. Casa nel natura is divided by regions but also by countries, so as to give everyone the opportunity to travel within their own area, municipality or province. The most important thing is that all properties are surrounded by greenery.

    The site is very simple to use, in fact on the main page you can immediately choose the country or region of destination, but also the date of arrival or end of stay, the number of participants in the trip and therefore of people who will stay in the house and finally the number of rooms. The search actually starts even just by entering the destination. This will make it easier to decide which house to stay in based on the types identified by the system.

    An additional accommodation search option is for characteristics of the houses. Casa nel natura offers holiday homes, farms, apartments, tree houses, wooden houses, chalets, boats, glamping, country house, mobile home, yurt, trulli and more. There are so many types to choose from for your ideal holiday situation. If the typology is not something you want to focus on immediately, you can also skim the accommodations according to their characteristics: for pets, with internet connection, with swimming pool or with oven, for example.

    Another important parameter that can be indicated is the theme that our ideal home must have. Let's talk about houses that are close to fishing areas for example, between the fields, with a view, in the mountains, in the orchard, sustainable, by the sea, in the woods ... not to forget the services, essential for those with certain needs, such as those travel with children or needs special conditions for which you are looking for houses and accommodations that must have a dishwasher, fireplace, fenced garden, washing machine, the sauna, the bed for children and so does the high chair.

    Other parameters are specific only to this type of site in particular, such as the position and therefore also the distance from the main towns. Those who want to take a holiday in the midst of nature want to have the confirmation that they are exactly in the place they dreamed of. I can therefore choose to sleep in a completely isolated place, or in a small tourist village, in a village or even on an island. There quality of the accommodations is evaluated under two aspects: the first is the general evaluation and the second evaluation is the one that the other guests give nature, space and tranquility.

    Finally, one thing that struck me very much is that anyone looking for a home in the midst of nature can also search for homes that are reachable by public transport, so as to leave the car in the nearest inhabited center or directly at home, housing that has green energy, or even places where you can take advantage of the vegetables from the garden or where there is separate collection. These small attentions are increasingly sought after by people who want to have a nice holiday, yes, but in contact and in full respect of nature.

    In Emilia Romagna, for example, which is the region where my research has been most concentrated, I found several interesting and noteworthy accommodations for those who like to spend a few days in contact with nature, with the family or alone. Some of these are also labeled with the words "contactless accommodation“, Which means that you can stay without ever having contact with the landlord or other local people. In these places and in these conditions, the best thing is certainly to be able to spend time in solitude, surrounded by the sounds of nature, from the animals that live their places in a natural way and that we can admire without fear or fear of frightening them.

    Home in nature is absolutely a innovative project, different and very interesting from the point of view of hospitality. The project was born in Holland where there is certainly a greater predisposition to live in the open air, to experience spaces and nature without too many difficulties. In Spain there is still a bit of reluctance on this aspect, especially families with younger children, but fortunately something has definitely changed in recent years. Home in nature is not just an accommodation option, but a different way of understanding the journey, not too far from home and compatible with the world that nature surrounds us.

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