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Teleport Hotel in Amsterdam, a low cost accommodation full of services: from pizza to laundry, from wifi to Netflix service. The Teleport Hotel de The Hague has 9 floors and a restaurant with an Italian chef. Both structures are really friendly!

When you think of a vacation in Amsterdam, one of the costs that have the greatest impact on travel expenses is accommodation. Amsterdam is a very expensive city from a hotel point of view and anyone who has been to this beautiful Dutch city at least once knows something about it. There are cheap accommodations, but the quality is not always the best. So a tip for those who want to visit Amsterdam and spend the right amount in the hotel, is to book at Teleport Hotel.

Il Teleport Hotel is located in Westpoort, just one train stop from Amsterdam Central, so a few minutes. The location is great for going out both day and night. From Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station, the Teleport Hotel is a 5 minute walk. Outside the station there is a convenient supermarket and inside the station, albeit small, there are also bars and cafes, newsagents and everything else that can be used for sale until late evening.

The hotel is ideal if you want to spend several days based in Amsterdam, not only for the value for money, but also for its numerous services. Those who arrive in Amsterdam and decide to stay only one night, may perhaps be tempted to sleep in the center, with all the cons that this entails, a lot of noise, the risk of small, uninviting and very expensive accommodations. If you prefer a stay of at least two nights in Amsterdam, even better three or four, the Teleport Hotel is a good solution.

Among the services for travelers who stay in Amsterdam more than one night are the Laundry (washer plus dryer), the WiFi, the common room with games such as table football, Play Station and board games. In addition, in the evening you can eat very good pizzas (try it!) Directly at the hotel, at an attractive price. In the morning the breakfast is abundant, there is a choice of both sweet and savory, fruit juices, coffee machine, sandwiches, croissants, cereals, fruit and much more.

There is one outside the Teleport Hotel in Amsterdam common area with sand and deck chairs and a small swimming pool for guests who want to relax in the hotel without wandering too much. The rooms they are non-smoking and the bathrooms are external, both shared and private, but still external from the rooms (you access the private ones with your own magnetic key and they are usually right in front of your room). In our room there was also a kitchen with fridge, stove and sink. We didn't use the kitchen, but we took advantage of the hotel's pizza service to eat two excellent Italian pizzas and drink two good Dutch beers.

Teleport Hotel is also located in The Hague

The same Hotel is also located in The Hague, the Dutch town overlooking the North Sea. Here the Teleport Hotel is similar to its Amsterdam sibling, but with a few more services worth mentioning.
The location of the Teleport Hotel of The Hague it is valid for those arriving in The Hague for the first time by train. From the main station, the Teleport Hotel can be reached in just 9 minutes thanks to the bus that takes you 1 minute away on foot from the Teleport. The bus is number 46. From the Teleport, on the other hand, those wishing to visit the city center can always take the number 46 and change at the station or, moving a little on foot, take bus number 22 or 24 or 27. In short, the location of the he hotel is not bad also because Holland is really well served by public transport. Also, this affects both hotels, both the one in Amsterdam and the one in The Hague, are put up bicycles available for guests (also electric and also with seat for those with children) for those who want to move independently.

At the Teleport Hotel in The Hague, in addition to the one in Amsterdam, there is a restaurant with Italian chef who prepares very good dishes that are reminiscent of home, with a Dutch taste that doesn't hurt. Among the platters of cold cuts and cheeses, three pasta dishes (excellent), pizza, salads including a caprese, meat main courses and desserts to no end. The restaurant in The Hague made a difference in my opinion, even at breakfast. In the morning the kitchen prepared eggs, scrambled soft-boiled or in all possible ways, and pancakes, then bread of various kinds, a fridge stocked with yogurt, milk, cold cuts and cold cuts, fruit cakes made daily and chocolate milk for the smaller. A part of the room is dedicated every morning to juices, both freshly squeezed and juices, at least 5, made with different types of fruit, all excellent.

The Hotel is spread over 9 plans, we were at the top and the view in the evening was memorable. Our apartment, because it was an apartment, no matter how large, it developed on two floors, with a bed on the top floor, a sofa bed on the first floor, two televisions with Netflix included, wifi, minibar, microwave and bathroom with shower. The new room, always clean and very welcoming with large windows that gave the room an incredible light.

One thing I really liked is that both hotels are very friendly and the hotel in The Hague also has a little surprise when guests arrive. Each guest, upon checking in, has the chance to win a small prize with a rewards wheel. Chocolates, candies, drinks and much more. A way to welcome in a different way, tearing a smile and giving a small cake to each guest.

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