Swan Market on tour: itinerant market in Holland and Belgium

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Discovering the Swan Market: the traveling market that is compared to the Camden Town district of London for its folkloristic aspects.

If you try to google Swan Market, the images that most represent the creative market they are made up of photos full of colors, people relaxing listening to good music with a drink and great food, stalls full of handmade objects.

Swan Market, what it is and where to find it

Swan Market is a real traveling market between the main cities ofHolland and Belgium where the common denominator between the various activities that we find within it is creativity. Usually when we think of the market the idea of ​​the classic old-style market comes up, consisting of the enhancement of typical products, street vendors who cheer people to view their trade, all in a traditional climate and revaluation of their territory.

The spirit of the Swan Market

The Swan Market instead takes the concept of market by adding innovation, ambition, art. Creative entrepreneurs who want to make themselves known by showing their product to the public, often handmade, choose to opt for this new market concept.
Jewelery, fabrics, ecological and organic products for children, vintage items, pieces of art from all over the world, food that comes from every ethnicity are just small examples of what can be found inside the Swan Market.
Uniting cultures, uniting peoples while respecting the Dutch and Belgian tradition is the purpose of the market and the Swanners.

Creativity and innovation are the main guidelines of this market that changes city every weekend, in summer we can find the Swan Market immersed in a green park in the city center and in winter in an old abandoned and renovated factory used for commercial use.

First of all this market is a real event: artists who perform live, musicians who put on the guitar and express themselves on the stage located in the center of the market and, as the Dutch and Belgian tradition wants, also a large area dedicated to fun for children.

Young and old alike can savor Sundays at the market with a great desire to taste new products and discover the charm of handwork. The traveling market is also a wonderful opportunity to discover new cities, learn about tradition and innovation at the same time.

If you are planning a weekend between Belgium and Holland at any time of the year, take a look at the Swan Market website, where you can consult all the dates and events in the main cities.

How to be part of it

On the site you can also find the address to submit your application if you intend to promote a product or start a new project full of creativity.
Spesso Swan Market is compared to London's Camden Town district for its folkloristic aspects, where the soul that shines through is linked to the concept of creation, art and craftsmanship.

The hub of this market lies in the city of Rotterdam, capital of innovation and architectural, cultural and artistic renewal par excellence.

In Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam downtown street was recently inaugurated one shop Swan Market where you can find all the main objects that make the traveling market famous.

Are you ready to book a weekend of creativity and savor the lifestyle of the market by becoming Swanners too? Yes, because the Swan Market has become a real lifestyle!

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