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    Brasserie Harkema: low cost eating in Amsterdam

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    Pau Monfort

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    La Brasserie Harkema is located in the center of Amsterdam, a beautiful place open for both lunch and dinner. A very large venue, divided into three areas including an outdoor terrace with multicolored furniture from tables to chairs that give a touch of color to the gray of the Amsterdam sky.

    The brasserie was recommended to me by locals and I decided to give it a try. I found it very cheap on average they spend between 12 and the 18 euro per person, much lower than the average in Amsterdam.

    The rich menu offers traditional Dutch recipes in addition to international dishes, the food is very good even if the portions are small. Once the order is made, a bowl of bread with different tastings is offered, perhaps to fill the wait given the lack of staff. The only flaw of this place, which deserves a lot.

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