JuiceBar: the bio bar in the heart of Milan

    Il Juicebar is the first young and trendy Italian restaurant, but above all organic, which pays particular attention to the design and freshness and naturalness of the products used. The environment is small, but very popular, which is why it is always very difficult to find a seat. It is located on the seventh floor of the Rinascente in Piazza Duomo a Milan, but this is just one of the many places where you can find this type of bar. Being part of a chain, it is easy to find it in major metropolitan hubs such as stations, airports and places of tourist interest.

    Il Juicebar it is specialized above all for its fruit juices, natural yogurts and various centrifuged, but despite this it offers a wide choice of both sweet and savory products.

    I have been several times to the Juicebar, where I tried the coffee that is accompanied by a mini-glass of frozen, its cost? only 1 euro, really low cost given its central location. Another time I also tried one of the many fruit juices and this too was exceptional.

    Among the other products that can be found there are cakes, fruit salads and salads, which are personalized by adding ingredients chosen by the customer from those offered on the counter. Finally sandwiches and wraps. This is an ideal place for a break and for a lunch break. A menu with salad or sandwich is around 12euro, maybe a little expensive, but it's worth it.

    Il Juicebar uses the ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine and the products are characterized by their freshness and simplicity that make it unique in my opinion.

    It remains open every day from 07:00 in the morning until 22.00 and in addition to being a refreshment place it is also a "community" space, where customers can use the connection wi-fi and magazines.

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