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A weekend in Anacapri, on the island of Capri, what to do and where to eat, five things that I liked and that I recommend for a low cost trip.

When I first heard of Anacapri, I didn't even know where it was. I had to go to Google iglieraps to look for it and don't make fun of me because I'm sure you don't even know about the existence of some municipalities in Italy. When we talk about Capri as an island, there is often nothing else to know, I thought, and I thought badly.

I have been for a weekend onisland of Capri, but I only arrived in Capri by hydrofoil, then I spent all the rest of the time in Anacapri, and in this post I decided to write 5 of the things I liked most about the Municipality of Capri.

Anacapri craftsmanship and the historic center

If the historic center of Anacapri is really small, there are many and different activities that develop. Did you know, for example, that i famous Capri sandals? I'm Antonio and Salvatore almost all the customers contend, because they are the ones who still make them by hand as in the past and walking through the center you can see them working them right in front of your eyes. Stones and colors increase the final price, but a pair of very simple caprese solders shouldn't cost more than 50/60 €.

In addition to the sandals don't forget to taste and take home the Limoncello caprese. Yes, this was born here as well as the Caprese mozzarella and the Caprese cake after all, you never noticed it before, did you? Limoncello is prepared with lemons from Capri and you can buy it in the official store, in Via Roma, you will surely recognize the shop because it sells almost exclusively limoncello.

The last address to keep in mind if you love perfumes, is that of the essences of Carthusia, the scents of Capri, get ready both for the person and for the home. Personally I found some very delicate fragrances close to my tastes. If you are like me, you have to go there, the shop is located just before the Limoncello one.

Philosophical Park and Trekking

When they told me “bring the hiking boots when you come to Capri “, I thought of everything except that Capri was really trekking or there were“ serious ”routes. In Capri you walk and in Anacapri there are sentieri that can put a strain on even trained people. I'm certainly not very trained, but I managed to complete all the routes with a bit of effort and with the thought that then I would have done a good thing at sea.

This is how you walk, walk, walk and then dive into the blue sea. If you want you can also reach the coves by car or taxi, but do you want to put the joy of conquering your destination?

The Philosophical Park, even if I have not covered it entirely, is a park created by the Swedish Gunner Adler Karlsson, a professor who moved to Capri where he lives with his wife and created on the Migliera, overlooking the splendid Punta Carena lighthouse, a place where you can find yourself. As? Phrases by philosophers, scientists and writers reported on ceramics made by the artists of Capri, different itineraries that can be taken at your own pace, at your own pace to reflect and think. A unique jewel in Europe.

Le ceramics by Capri artists they are found all over the island. In the historic center it is common to find tiles with joking and funny phrases, but it is when you walk lost in some path that finding these ceramics is pleasant and surprising. The ceramics were made to inform tourists and Capri that passing through the paths of the island, they can become aware of the plant species present in that precise point, but also of the animals that used to pass in the water in those parts. All the trekking trails they have a different name and guess what? Also in this case the names are engraved in the ceramics.

The Punta Carena lighthouse and swimming in the sea

See the Punta Carena lighthouse it's like seeing the lighthouse of your dreams. Unfortunately you cannot enter nor can you see the view from this lighthouse, but it is also fine from the outside, indeed from the cove under the lighthouse the view is perfect. Down there I took one of the most beautiful baths of my stay in Anacapri. You can get here comfortably by car or by moped or even by taxi, but if you want to do as I did, arm yourself with hiking shoes and take the Path of the Forts. Before jumping into the water you can take a nice photograph or admire the sunset from Belvedere of the Dreamers - the name already says it all, doesn't it?

After taking your bath, stop for something to eat at Lido del Faro. Inside the restaurant there are beautiful photographs of the high tides of the place and of the Punta Carena Lighthouse practically in the middle of the water, do not miss them.

Among the sea baths that I recommend you to do, in addition to this one right under the Punta Carena lighthouse, also the one near the famous Blue Grotto. A cove where you can stop and sunbathe or dive into the blue. Bring your own mask because the backdrops of these places are to be admired.

Typical dishes and Caprese ravioli

I Caprese ravioli they literally won me over, I just tell you that I ate them three times in a single weekend, thus also trying the variety of the restaurants. Caprese ravioli are nothing more than ravioli with a filling of caciotta, a perfect cream that accompanies tomato and thick pasta. Besides this dish I loved it caponata, a dish that seems light but very filling, made with buffalo mozzarella, at least what I got, stale bread, tuna, olives and tomatoes of course.

Among the things I recommend you try, there is a Caprese specialty that you can taste in the morning. In Capri in the morning you do not have breakfast with sfogliatella, which is not Capri but Neapolitan, so don't let yourself be tempted. Go to Ferraro pastry shop, in the center of Anacapri, and try i caprese biscuits, and if you really want to overdo it, add one slice of caprese cake with chocolate and a cappuccino and your day will start off on the right foot.

The best place I ate at this weekend is hard to identify, let's just say my favorites have been The puppy for eyesight and fish, the Lido del Faro for the caponata and the position, the Columbus for the infinite love he puts into the choice of raw materials (and you can hear everything in the dishes they prepare here) and finally The Gelsomina which deserves a note both for the view also in this case, but also for the Italian fried food and variety of dishes.

Villa di San Michele and the panoramic points

Villa San Michele was named in 2015 as the Most beautiful garden in Italy and this alone would be enough to recommend the visit. The villa takes its name from a small chapel that stood in this place in medieval times. The history of Villa San Michele is closely linked to the history of Axel Munthe, Swedish doctor who fell in love with Capri and here he decided to spend his whole life. The entrance is worthwhile for the history of course, but above all for the garden and the wonderful panorama.

Other points that I recommend not to miss to witness a unique sunset on the island are the Punta Carena lighthouse obviously, but also the Philosophical Park from whose tip you can see the Lighthouse from above. If you want to have an aperitif while admiring the beauty of these places, I highly recommend the terrace of theCaesar Augustus hotel. From here you can admire Ischia, Procida and Vesuvius. The last place to admire an almost perfect view is the Mount Solaro which can be easily reached by chairlift.

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