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Christmas and New Year in Amsterdam useful tips and information

Amsterdam it is a city that offers a lot to young people from all over Europe.

It has numerous attractions and various entertainment possibilities that multiply and become rich and colorful in the period of Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Undoubtedly the areas of Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein are the most interesting areas of the city for nightlife a New Year, are the liveliest and most active for those interested in the famous coffee shops, crowded and noisy bars and hot and clingy clubs, which are found in abundance here.

Not far from the neighborhood of  Leidseplein, the most fashionable and expensive nightclubs abound, and precisely in the areas of prinsengracht, near Leidsestraat, and on the road Long Leidsedwarsstraat.

Where to spend New Year's Eve in Amsterdam?

The place to spend the New Year in Amsterdam is the  MAD, the square where the inhabitants of Amsterdam gather with the right quantities of beer to admire the fireworks and start the party for the New Year.

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Even if to fully enjoy the magnificent fireworks ad Amsterdam  you need to go to the square New Market (starting at 23pm).

In addition to these outdoor events, numerous discos and clubs organize parties for the New Year.

It is obvious that in the capital of transgression, celebrating the transition from the old year to the new is a further pretext for revelry.

In the red light district, you cannot miss the numerous strip and lap-dance clubs, the fun-filled gay bars and hardcore video shops: a real fun. In Amsterdam there are 3 Red Districts: the area purses (the most famous and popular, in the streets between the Central Station and Nieuwmarkt), the area in Singles (between Raadhuistraat and Central Station) and the area in the neighborhood Pipe.


Ma Amsterdam it's not just fun and transgression.

The special atmosphere and the undisputed hospitality of the Dutch make it Amsterdam terribly romantic and unique, making the holiday become New Year a unique and indissoluble memory.

Let's not forget that the beautiful city of Amsterdam the appellation of "Venice of the North".

Amsterdam what to see places to visit

For those who intend to extend their holidays and also visit i surroundings of Amsterdam here are our tips:


It is a small and picturesque village located on the sea that can be easily reached by boat from Marken.

Brands is a fishermen's island from the 1800s connected to the mainland by a road, its village is gorgeous, also absolutely not to be missed.


It is a country ofHolland famous for its cheese.

You can get there by suburban bus (from Amsterdam Central Station).


It is a historic city ofHolland which boasts one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in the country, which can be visited for free. Do not miss its historic center characterized by particular canals. It is a very lively and joyful city. From Amsterdam it is about 40 minutes by train, but it is absolutely worth it.

Where to go for Christmas

So what to say: Happy New Year to you all.

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