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Yesterday I was with a friend in Verona, the mythical city of Romeo e Juliet.

Despite the four eras that have distinguished it (Romanian, medieval, veneziana e austrian) my first impression was that of an extremely modern city, with its high rises and a myriad of cars.

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As in any city of art, the first step is to buy a map and decide on the itinerary: having come by train, the closest place was Juliet's tomb with relative fresco museum (via del Pontiere 35; 8:30 - 19:30 except Mondays 13:30 - 19:30) where we were greeted by a garden strewn with statues and bas-reliefs, which led us first to the museum and then to the crypt where it resides Juliet's tomb immersed in a humid and unusually cool atmosphere. unmissable stage was the toss of the coin in wishing well.

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The second stage was the beautiful one Piazza Bra, headquarters ofSand and numerous historic buildings including Barbieri Palace (current seat of the town hall).

THEArena di Verona it's not much bigger than I expected, but it's really tall and it's amazing how intact Roman stones and subsoil mix with the few amplifiers present (the acoustics are so perfect you wouldn't even need them) and seats plastic numbered for spectators who attend the numerous concerts scheduled.

If you want, you can go up to the highest steps where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the square.

Continuing for via Roma the next Museum scheduled was that of Castelvecchio (Corso Castelvecchio 2, 8:30 - 19:30 except Mondays 13:30 - 19:30), a huge one medieval castle which houses, in addition to numerous paintings and statues of great value, also a quiet and a little nostalgic atmosphere, supported by the grass that grows between the centuries-old boulders and the water of theAdige that surrounds it. very suggestive is the walk on the bridge that connects it to the city streets, where you can get lost in observing the water.

On the way that connects the Castelvecchio at the famous square of the herbs they meet buildings e churches of considerable interest, including porta borsari (the Roman gate that was once the main access to the Roman city, of which only the decorative facade has survived).

In Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient Roman forum, we find the beautiful Maffei palace, the symbolic Fountain of Madonna Verona and Gardello tower all surrounded by kiosks offering refreshments with fresh drinks and glasses of fresh fruit.

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Not far away is the renowned Giulietta's home (via Cappello 23,8: 30 - 19:30 except on Mondays 13:30 - 19:30) where it is possible to visit the house of the Capulets (the family to which the character of Juliet is attributed), go up to the famous balcony and keep the traditions alive by touching the breast of the statue of Juliet placed in the garden (they say bring good luck) and write a dedication of love (even better to leave a removable note so as not to deface a work of such symbolic importance) on the famous "wall of lovers" at the entrance to the house.

Not far away we find the very high Lamberti tower (Via della costa 1, Monday - Sunday 8:30 am - 19:30 pm; cash desk closes at 18:45 pm) entirely viable up to the highest peak by means of stairs or a comfortable lift for the lazy. from the top of its 84 meters you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Verona below, and you realize its real size, even outside the historic center.

Our itinerary then guided us towards the church of Santa Anastasia, the largest church in Verona to then guide us in the direction of the complex Duomo.

From here we headed in the direction of Pieta bridge (a bridge dating back to the Roman age despite its numerous destructions and collapses, and overcoming the embankment we reached the Roman theater, also home to the archaeological museum (Regaste Redentore 2,8: 30 - 19:30 except Monday 13:30 - 19:30). Although the dimensions of the Roman theater are smaller than those of the arena (and also its conditions are more modest) the place where it is immersed is more suggestive since it is a large garden.

The last leg of our trip included a visit to the magnificent Giusti Garden (Via Giardino Giusti 2, open every day from 1 April to 30 September from 9 to 20), which houses a delicious maze, collections of flowers and plants, hedges placed to form complicated designs visible from the top of the belvedere and the hill that overlooks it.

By now our day was coming to an end and to get to the station we enjoyed a beautiful walk on the banks of the Adige, with finally a cool breeze that caressed us.

All the prices of the seats described are modest and most of the tickets are cumulative (e.g. Roman theater + archaeological museum) but I highly recommend buying the Verona Card which allows with an initial cost of 10 euros to see almost all places of cultural interest in Verona.

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