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    Acqua Alta bookshop in Venice: unmissable

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    The Acqua Alta bookshop in Venice is one of the most popular places in the Venetian city, not to be missed also thanks to its owner, Mr. Luigi who, with his ways and his books, will make you fall in love with it. Read all the advice in the article.

    The world of libraries outside the classic schemes it has a particular charm and being “independent”, and therefore not tied to big publishers, makes them unique, even for the “editorial collections” rich in unpublished texts. Unfortunately it is increasingly rare to see them in our cities.

    Among these (we have already talked about the library Shakespeare & Company in Paris) is there Acqua Alta bookshop in Venice. Here, this bookshop is a perfect stop during the long walks through the Venetian streets. It is possible to find a series of books, some highly sought after, which make us feel "immersed" among many "words", whether there is high water or not.

    Also because in this case, it changes little, it is enough to have boots that protect from the water and you can still remain to browse and buy the books. The texts, in fact, are all lifted six inches off the ground in such a way as to be protected from water and many of these are placed in bathtubs, on boats or on ... characteristic gondolas.

    In Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa, in the Castello district, the bookshop is immediately recognizable, also because the inscription: “Welcome to the most beautiful Book Shop in the World” stands out in plain sight.

    Literature enthusiasts will certainly appreciate a visit to the Acqua Alta bookshop, thanks to the almost perfect mix of culture and passion (for books and for the city) that reigns inside.

    Just what Mr. Luigi, who (in the company of his cat) welcomes all "visitors" and customers with a smile. Although not very "active", there is facebook page of the library.

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