Milan: 5 chic shops for cheap and wild shopping in the center

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For a chic (but also cheap) Milanese shopping, here is a small guide with five tips: go around the alleys of Milan and fall in love with these very original shops, full of interesting garments but also fantastic ideas!

"Blessed be fashion that keeps us fickle and light, even when we would like to be profound" said Erica Jong and she was right. Indeed, Milan, the Lombard capital and a precious tourist destination, is synonymous with fashion, elegance and style. Every tourist or Milanese DOC will inevitably be fascinated by the peculiarities, the works and the whims that the city offers. Also on the shopping side, of course, here there are really special and unique places. The fancy shops in this city are in fact many, in the post we recommend 5 chic shops in Milan.

Although it is thought that it is impossible to resist the temptation to spend money in the luxurious fashion shops of the center, it is important to remember that in the narrow alleys of the metropolis, they hide dozens of independent shops selling thousands of stylish, affordable and quality items suitable for those who need a day devoted entirely to shameless Pretty Woman-style shopping.

Milan, chic shops: the 5 best

1. Me and Zoe

Located in the Navigli area, it is a world full of pink and fancy bijoux. Does the image already strike you? Let's find out more.
The items on sale are suitable for those people who love to dress in a sporty, casual way, but who prefer details. Prices are generally affordable.

Address:  Corso Genova, 15, Milan

2. Wait and See

Low-cost boutiques e MADE in UK. The store name was created to attract customers who are looking for something special. Inside, you can find an infinity of brightly colored, extravagant and original dresses. Suitable for object lovers vintage, stationery and gift items. Green light to the eccentric leaders then!

Address: Via Santa Marta, 14, Milan

3. Horses and ribbons

Small flea market chain, but full of trendy news. Among the peculiarities, there is the vintage line. The polka dot socks from the 50s are super sought after. The prices are not super cheap, but it's worth a trip to the Brera area.

Address: Via Brera, 2, Milan

4. Merry Go Round

Located behind the refined Piazza Duomo, but also in the Porta Genova area. It is an oasis of peace, fashion and style. Thanks to the personalized colors and the originality of the garments, it will be possible to spend little and modernize your wardrobe in a few days.

Adress: Corso Cristoforo Colombo 4 / Via Larga 8, Milan

5. Bezpen

Synonymous with tradition, quality and affordable prices. The décor of the shop will make anyone fall in love, thanks to the velvet armchairs in a delicate peach shade and wooden details. The peculiarity that makes this shop one of the most popular of the moment is the weekly course to learn crochet, ancient sewing technique.

Finding chic and cheap shops in Milan it is therefore possible! Just get lost in the alleys of the city, taking this little Milanese shopping guide as a starting point. You may find your perfect little shop in a place mistakenly thought to be suitable only for those used to spending a lot of money on clothes. Find original, interesting and particular places, how to do it? Sometimes you just need to get lost in the alleys of the Lombard capital turning with your nose up!

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