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    Eating in Pescasseroli: Il Picchio

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    Judit Llordés

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    The restaurant is called The Woodpecker (it is also a hotel) and the dish you absolutely must have is the Picchio appetizer. Please, stop at this. They will bring you an endless series of delicacies, which will occupy every empty space on the table. The antipasto in Abruzzo is a must, but this is great.

    They will come fried vegetables, Ascolana-style olives, cheeses with honey and jam and a dream ricotta, cold cuts, provolone and baked sausage, the wonderful Abruzzo pickles made from aubergines, mushrooms, dried tomatoes; to accompany this marvel the focaccia, that is a flat bread with oil or white pizza as big as a whole pizza. And how much do you spend on it? 13 euros. There are also some delicious homemade desserts… if you can make it.

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