Where to have breakfast in Barcelona: Le Caravelle

    In my second favorite neighborhood, The Raval, there is a brand new bar-restaurant with a name that seems Italian even if its owners / managers are instead from the Australian continent.
    Or what we call here not exactly nicely: Guiris, or foreigner generally coming from Nordic lands or where the skin is decidedly whiter than that of us Mediterranean and therefore does not get tanned but always and inevitably takes on a beautiful red shrimp color. Hence the name of guiris.

    In short, these guiris still know their stuff and have opened a fashion place, but not too much, where they are served breakfast, brunch, lunches and dinners. Personally, I did not love the bar furniture very much, because it is too minimal and not very personal even if with original touches (see blue and white ceramic tiles on the walls and behind the counter). It therefore does not have the same atmosphere of similar places such as the Strangota Federal or the Tarannà.

    But despite this first impact, the final judgement it's definitely positive. Very good service, especially considering that the room was full, there was only one waitress and one barista at the counter who looks after the coffees. Quick the right and very kind. The nice music selection and volume allows you to talk without having to shout and lose your voice just on Sundays. Extremely clean bathrooms too.

    We went for brunch and ate there baked eggs, definitely good and abundant. The bread was also good and well toasted. The coffee was not bad .. even if it is very serious for me that it arrives lukewarm. Compared to the city average, however, it was fantastic. At least you didn't get that classic burnt, sour taste.

    Also good i muffin and juices (which are organic). The orange squeezer machine was broken so we couldn't try the natural orange juice. The bill? For a coffee, a plate of eggs, juice and a muffin we spent 13 euro each.

    Highly recommended.

    Thing: Le Caravelle
    When: from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to midnight.
    Where: c / Pintor Fortuny, 31
    How to get there: Green L3 meters, Catalunya stop

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