Milan: my (new) places of the heart

Via Muratori 7

Open every day from 9:00 to 1:00 - Closing day: never

Tel. 320 1842485

Milan: my (new) places of the heart

Gesto Restaurant (Porta Venezia) 

After the success achieved in Florence and Perugia, “Gesto fa il tuo” also opened in Milan last April. The philosophy of the owner Martina Lucatellli can already be understood from the name: a place where you can feel at home while respecting resources and saving consumption. The idea behind this New York-style restaurant is precisely centered on a 360-degree sustainable restaurant model (food, materials, energy consumption): the aim is to reduce negative impacts on the environment and be able to maintain competitive prices. without sacrificing quality. Martina herself selects the suppliers giving priority to local and organic products and materials that allow to reduce waste and waste. The menu consists of small tapas of great quality that change according to the seasons. Above all, he particularly loved the amberjack tartare with raw avocado and zucchini, but above all the now famous goodnight ciabattina with cream and Nutella to spread at will. The restaurant is also very suitable for aperitifs and after dinner; very good cocktails. We support those who are committed to protecting the environment and the (not infinite) resources of our planet! 

Via Giuseppe Sirtori 15

Open every day from 18:30 to 2:00 - Closing day: never

Tel. 02 201006

Milan: my (new) places of the heart

Erba Brusca Restaurant (Navigli) 

This restaurant has become a must for the Milanese for a long time and actually maybe I was the only one missing, but I made it. I went there on a Sunday for lunch to enjoy even more the bucolic and country air that you breathe while eating in the two outdoor areas in the shade of the pergola: one overlooking a stream and the other on the vegetable garden and the garden full of colorful flowers . A border post between the city and the countryside where the frenetic rhythms of us ugly Milanese (and acquired in my case) are forgotten. The cuisine is mostly zero km, the products you find on the plate are those from the Erba Brusca garden and the meats (and all the rest of the products used) come from selected suppliers who provide local and organic products (you can consult the 'list of suppliers on the site or in the menu itself). The dishes offered are those of Italian cuisine revisited in a gourmet key; I ate a risotto with screaming onions, not to mention the green gazpacho with nectarines! If you want to be guided by the chef's imagination you can take the surprise tasting menu for 4 (32 euros) or 6 courses (45 euros) , with wine pairings always blindly. In summer they organize “Farm to Table”, a zero km rural dinner under the stars. 

NB Together with Tripe, Ratanà, Taglio and Pasta Madre it is part of the collective “Internal Organs - the Quinto Quarto”, all “friends” restaurants united by a passion for entrails. 

Towpath Naviglio Pavese, 286

Open for lunch and dinner - Closing day: Monday and Tuesday

Tel. 02 87380711

Milan: my (new) places of the heart

Nerino 10 Restaurant (Duomo)

Going to try this restaurant was an epic feat! I tried to book several times several days in advance and there was no way to find a place (and this already tells you a lot). When you least expect it, however, the opportunity comes: one evening I was passing by and luck smiled at me .. after a few minutes I was sitting at the table! Until recently it would never have occurred to me to go and eat in the Duomo area in Milan, but in recent years the situation has improved a lot (see also Risoelatte in fact). The restaurant is elegant, just right for a fish restaurant. The atmosphere is warm, the tones are soft and the tables are well spaced. People come here to eat fish (but they also have very good alternatives), they have everything: mussels cooked in a thousand ways, raw Italian style, shellfish and fish of all kinds. The quality is very high and the prices are absolutely competitive (especially when compared to other fish restaurants in Milan). The service, the welcome and the wine list are up to par. I ate fried anchovies and fresh tuna in pistachio crust: simple but really good dishes. Super recommended! 

Via Nerino 10

Open for lunch and dinner. Closing day: Sunday

Tel. 02 39831019


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